How to Choose The Right Foundation Brush?

how to choose the right foundation brush

At times, when you put on the foundation and look in the mirror, you get horrified. Your face appears to be greasy and the foundation is uneven which makes your face appears cakey. You reach out to your makeup remover to remove the foundation from the face to start fresh. In case this happens to you every day, you might not be using the right brush for your foundation.

The different brushes will have a different effects on the face and you need to choose the one which will provide you with the finish that you are looking for.

How to Choose The Right Foundation Brush?

With time, more women are including a foundation in their makeup routine. If you do not know how to choose the right foundation brush, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Natural or Synthetic Brush

Prior to going into the types of foundation brush, it is necessary to know the difference between synthetic and natural brush bristles. It is better to try out each of them prior to deciding which one you like the most.

A. Synthetic Brush

synthetic brush

These are made of man-made materials such as polyester or nylon. They are available at a cheap price and are less soft than brushes with natural bristles. However, it is quite simple to wash them and there is no need to bother about the bristles coming off. It does not absorb too much foundation to make a mess.

B. Natural Brush

natural brush

These are the ones that have bristles that are made from goats, squirrels, and boars. It is soft and the bristles might fall off with time. These types of brushes are difficult to clean since they have enough products stuck to their bristles. If you are using powder foundation, use natural brushes. The reason is that the hairs which are used are porous and are going to absorb the liquid product which makes it difficult to spread it out evenly.

C. Flat Brush for Complete Coverage

Flat Brush for Complete Coverage
  • If you are using a liquid foundation, use a flat brush for complete face coverage. These kinds of brushes are going to remind you of your art classes and are used in the same manner.
  • If you love liquid foundation, this is the ideal brush for you. Dip the cosmetic brush in the foundation and allow it to glide through your face.
  • Nevertheless, apart from the liquid foundation, it can also be used with blush, stick foundation, and contouring items. The brush will leave streaks when you use the foundation.
  • The reason is the brush has condensed bristles. You will be able to blend using a sponge blender. If you are using a flat brush, use it apply in places that require extra coverage.
  • From there brush down and you are going to notice how smooth the foundation goes.

2. Cushions and Sponges for Light Coverage

Cushions and Sponges for Light Coverage
  • In case you want a skin-like finish, use a sponge applicator. First, apply facial oil and then use beauty blender in a stippling motion.
  • The oil will offer the ideal surface for people who are looking for a dewy glow. When you use a sponge applicator, it will allow you to apply a light foundation.
  • Applying essential oils or moisturizers prior to applying the foundation will give your face the right amount of shine when you are done applying the foundation. If you want, you can moisten the sponge, too.
  • This way the foundation is going to be blended into your moisturizer and primer. Make sure that you wash the sponge after every use.

A useful Tip: To use the sponge whenever you want to have light coverage with your foundation.

3. Matte Finish with Oval Brush

Matte Finish with Oval Brush

One of the latest trends in the makeup world is oval brushes. It might appear to be unconventional but it does its job quite well. They come with a long handle with a one-sided set of bristles that are given an oval shape.

  • It is just like a hairbrush and the handle makes it easier to apply the foundation. In case you only use powder foundation, this is the ideal choice for you.
  • It leaves the face shine-free. You can use this brush to spread the powder in an even manner. Getting a matte look is quite difficult and might make you appear like a zombie if you get it wrong.
  • However, oval brushes can offer life to your face and give you the matte look that you desire.
  • The oval makeup brush has the perfect shape that works best on the hollow of the cheekbone. Start with the cheeks to get a perfect contour. Make a line and then blend it.

Next time you go to buy your foundation brush, you are not going to be intimidated by several brushes hanging on the wall. When you have the right brush, your foundation is not going to appear like a mask and you can be confident with your makeup.

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