How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

How To Apply Makeup Like A Pro

Makeup should be such that doesn’t look made up! It is an art and a form of expression to enhance your personality. Since everyone has distinct lifestyle, taste, choices, preferences, and personality, it is very important to nail makeup techniques appropriately.

Prepping, toning, and moisturizing your face is vital to let the makeup blend perfectly. With right prep, you will become a pro in no time and from there, the fun begins.

Read on to find out how to apply makeup professionally and achieve flawless application:

Apply Makeup Like a Pro

1. Primer in Action

primer in action

To prep, primer is essential. Not only does it help in boosting coverage, smoothens the texture, minimize pores but also increase the longevity of your makeup.

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2. Foundation Application

Foundation Application

Choose a right foundation for your skin type i.e. water based product for oily skin, oil based for dry skin, and mineral based for sensitive skin beauties. With a foundation brush or beauty blender, apply the product evenly along your face and blend it well. Work on jawline and neck or else you will end up looking like a weird personality with different face and neck.

3. Conceal it Up

Conceal it up

Applying foundation before the concealer is suggested because most of the flaws get covered using a concealer. Apply it under your eyes upside down in triangular shape and then blend out properly. Make sure to cover the dark spots and blemishes and blend both the foundation and concealer really well. For weightless coverage, go for a liquid concealer and a stick concealer for solid coverage.

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4. Set the Foundation

Set the Foundation

Now is the time to set up the foundation. Take some setting powder and pat it on your T-zone and rest of the face to seal the foundation. For even application on the face and neck, use a buffing brush. Since the setting powder or compact is easy to carry, you can use it for mid day touch-ups and get nice matte look.

5. Enhance Your Eyes

Enhance Your Eyes

Once you are done with the base, you should focus on enhancing your eyes and features. Always use a good quality eyeliner and mascara to make sure you don’t look like a hooligan after a while. Line your upper waterline and lower lashline with eyeliner and smudge it properly to avoid harsh lines. Next, curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara to make the eyes look brighter.

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6. Define the Eyebrows

Define the Eyebrows

Very important! To add structure to your face, eyebrow definition holds much significance. If you already have nice dark brows, skip it or else fill your brows properly to get beautiful look. Use short strokes to fill the gaps with a pencil or filler and then brush out the product evenly for natural look. For more definition, use some highlighter under the arches of your brows. You can choose from pencils, eyebrow kits, and duo shapers to work on the brows.

7. Flush Blush

Flush Blush

Blush gives a nice glow to your skin making you look healthy and fresh. Applying the product to the apples of your cheeks lends gorgeous look to your face. Make sure not to mix powder blush with cream blush or else you will ruin it all. For nice radiance, apply highlighter to the cheekbones, under your brow bones, and along the bridge of your nose.

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8. Lip Dip

 Lip Dip

Go funky and cool by dipping your lips in a bold color! Use a lip balm to moisturize your lips and then apply a lip liner on the edges to define and shape the lips. Go for right colors that suit your skin tone well, for an example, if you want a nude shade then you should go for nude lip liner and vice versa.

And Boom, you are all set to leave the house. With these easy steps, you can get the desired look you want according to the weather and occasion.

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Bonus Tips:

  • Never try looking fairer or darker as it is the most common mistake we all make. Use the exact shade of foundation as your skin tone if you want to carry a professional look.
  • Before buying any product, check it on your jawline or neckline and see if it’s completely blended. If not, try another shade.
  • Trying to make your lips fuller and plumper is ok but going crazy can be the worst blunder you can commit ever. Plus, use a one shade brighter than your lip color and remove the excess with a cotton pad.
  • Outdid your blush? Not to worry, use your compact powder to color correct the blush as you wouldn’t like to look like a joker.
  • Apply eyeliner as close as you can to the waterline for best effect.

And that’s a wrap! With these simple steps, you will get a perfect makeup look in no time. Good luck!

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