How To Take Out Nose Stud with Flat Back?

how to take out nose stud with flat back

Hardly there will be any woman who does not like to wear jewelry. Jewelry is an essential part of a woman’s personality that not only increases their aesthetics but boosts confidence too. Symbolizing femininity, power, and prosperity, a woman’s life is incomplete without a bunch of jewelry that she can adorn daily or on special occasions.

Talking about nose studs, they are generally used for nose piercing. Since they are easy to wear and available in multiple shapes and sizes, women love wearing them and get piercings through them. However, the only problem arises when they do not know how to take out the nose stud with a flat back.

If you also face issues in removing nose studs, the article is going to help. Continue reading to find out!

What is Nose Stud with Flat Back?

Types of Nose Studs

Before understating the process of nose stud removal, let’s know some of the most popular types of nose studs among women.

1. L-Shaped Nose Studs

If you are going for nose piercing, L-shaped nose studs are the most comfortable and also the most popular option. The ease to use makes them perfect for women of all ages.

Since the L-shaped nose studs consist of 90 degrees L-shaped design, they provide unparalleled comfort. Also, they are safe because the L shape does not let it press to the side of the nostril yet remain secure inside the nose.

2. Straight End Nose Suds

Generally, women going for the piercing first time will get it through a straight end, also called pin studs. The main reason behind this is they are simple to insert, go straight and cause very little pain.

If you are wearing such a nose stud, you will not face any problems while changing it. However, the only downside is they are less secure, and the risk of losing them due to improper fitting is high. So, make sure you use a properly fitted stud and hold it securely with the appropriate gauge size.

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3. Bone Nose Studs

Such nose studs are comfortable and secure for nose piercing. The best thing about them is they insert directly into the piercing and a tiny ball at the end of the post secures them firmly.

Bone nose studs remain secure and snug inside the nose and are a great option if you often lose your nose studs.

4. Labret

One of the most common options for nose piercing, labret is the foremost choice of women. They are easy and secure due to a flat back and mostly a screw-on and sometimes a push-in ball or gem.

If you are using it for the first time, it may seem a little tricky, but once came into practice; it becomes the easiest nose stud to wear.

What is The Right Time to Change The Nose Stud?

If you have had a piercing recently, it will be better if you do not think about changing the nose stud. It is because of the following reasons-

  • New piercings are delicate
  • Piercing closes if it remains without a nose stud for a few days
  • The nostril remains tender for a few days, causing irritation and pain while changing
  • The healing process takes time
  • Early change can cause swelling and infection of the nostril

For these reasons, it is suggested to remain that stud for at least two months. Once the area does not feel sore or tender, and it has healed completely, you may change with the new nose stud.

How to Take Out a Nose Stud with a Flat Back?

Women love changing their jewelry and trying something new after a certain period of time. If you are getting bored of your present nose stud and want to wear a new one, it’s time to get rid of it. But, make sure you remove it gently and with light hands to prevent hurting your nose.

Follow these steps for removing the nose stud with a flat back-

  • Hold the gem or ball of the nose stud gently located at the exterior nostril.
  • Twist the gem or ball anti-clockwise.
  • The nose stud will get loose and released from the stud post.
  • Without giving any pressure to the nose, draw the stud post down and remove it out of the nostril.

Now your nose piercing is free to wear any other nose stud of your choice. Make sure you reattach the stud post to the gem or ball and keep it safe (if it is precious).

Note: Some women experience pain and tightness in their nostrils while removing the nose stud post. They can apply some oil or cream to make the area smooth and soft. It will help in the easy removal of the nose stud.

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