What Age Can You Get A Nose Piercing?

What Age Can You Get A Nose Piercing

Gone are the days when nose piercing was a customary and traditional ritual in Asian countries. Today, nose piercing is in trend and embraced by both girls and boys across the world. Piercing the nose, wearing different types of nose studs, and flaunting the fashion are common.

Since the nose is one of the highly visible body parts, it is essential to know when and how you should get the nose pierced. At the same time, aftercare is also vital to ensure faster healing. Every state has made its own laws when it comes to nose piercing, especially without parental consent.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you should know before going for a nose piercing. Continue reading and get answers to all your queries regarding nose piercing.

Age Can You Get A Nose Piercing

Pros and Cons of Getting Nose Piercing

Nose piercing has become a fashion statement. Being in trend, people of all ages are experimenting with their looks by getting a nose piercing. While it may seem weird to some, for others, it is adventurous and fashionable. Flaunting the nose with a cute little stud or a bigger nose ring makes one look cool and trendy.

However, nose piercing comes with responsibilities too. It is not something that you can enjoy without any accountability. Once you get it done, you need to take extra care of your nose for some time. For instance, cleaning the pierced area and making it hygienic is a prerequisite.

At the same time, you must know the limitations that may stand in the way once you get the nose piercing. Does your school, college, or workplace allow nose piercing? If the premises where you spend most of your time are okay, there is no harm in getting it done. Or else, you may need to remove the nose stud.

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What is The Right Age to Get a Nose Piercing?

The right age to get a nose piercing depends upon the individual and place. For example, in most Asian countries, parents get their girl’s nose pierced by the age of 7 to 10 due to customs and traditions. The reason behind getting it at an early age is the skin is soft, and thus the pain is less.

However, in general, 16 years is considered an appropriate age because, by this time, the girls become responsible enough to take care of their piercing and its aftercare. When hygiene is not taken care of, the area may swell and be infected, taking more time to heal.

Laws Regarding Nose Piercing

While most states have their individual laws, some states allow teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 to get nose piercings only when they have parental consent. Apart from this, some states do not allow teenagers to go for piercings if they are not accompanied by their parents. If they can’t, written consent is still needed.

Therefore, understanding the state laws regarding the right age is essential. If you lie about your age and get a nose piercing done illegally, both you and the shop may get fined.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

Once you have had a nose piercing, it is important to follow every aftercare instruction told by the person you did it. Some important instructions to follow are-

  • Look after the pierced area every day and make sure that it is not infected.
  • Clean the pierced area every day for the first two weeks.
  • Perform all the hygiene practices that were instructed.
  • If the area seems swollen, it may be infected. Contact the doctor immediately.

The pierced skin may seem tight and tender to touch for a few days after piercing, which is normal. Make sure you take care of the area and do not let it infect. Once the nose is properly healed, you can even change your nose stud and go with the fashion trends.

Nose piercing is not just a fashion statement; it is a responsibility too. It is something that you get permanently if you keep wearing it for long. Also, the nose is one of the highly noticeable body parts, so once you get the piercing; you can’t hide it (until wearing a mask). Therefore, make a thoughtful decision and know why you really want it.

If you are responsible enough to take care of your nose piercing, go for it. But before that, make sure you know the limitations and restrictions that come along with it. Ensure your workplace allows it, and you can flaunt your fashion with no hindrance.

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