How To Contour Your Nose Like A PRO!

contour your nose like a pro

Contour. Yes, that is the word. You no longer need to go for plastic surgeries to alter certain dimensions of your face. The nose is a vital part of the face and sound knowledge of using the right makeup tricks can help you achieve the perfectly contoured nose. Chiseled featured is every lady’s delight and there is no such thing as perfect nose shape. So, we will now discuss some hacks that will guide you in contouring your nose like a pro.

Contouring Tips for Different Nose Shapes

nose shape

1. For a Large Nose: Since this kind of a nose simply stands out and hence it’s our job to make it less visible so that the face looks proportionate. You can take a dark shade and apply on the bridge of the nose while using lighter shades on both sides.

2. For a Wide Nose: A wide nose has a long bridge and to create the illusion of a contoured nose, take darker shades and brush both the sides of the nose. Do not apply any makeup on the bridge of the nose.

3. Snub Nose: This is a small and flat nose which slopes upwards. You can apply highlighter down the bridge of the nose, which will enhance the length. Apply a darker shade at the tip of the nose. This will soften the end of the nose and give it a more definite shape.

4. Hawk Nose: This nose has an angle turned up, with a long prominent bridge. Use a darker shade on the hawk region, with some highlighter on the bridge of the nose. This contour will shield the hawk shape of your nose.

5. Thin Nose: Similar to a snub nose, but in a thinner nose, the nostrils are more prominent. Apply the highlighter on the bridge of the nose to add length to your nose. For a thin nose, the idea is not to contour the nose but to highlight it. You can also apply the highlighter down the sides if you want a broader look.

6. Long Nose: A long nose can be easily rectified using these contouring tips. Start by applying a highlighter down the bridge of your nose and a darker shade on the tip. This trick will hide the long length of the nose. Be sure to check in different lights to check whether the makeup is uniform and defined.

Now as we have discussed a basic guide to various shapes of the nose, I offer you a tutorial of a nose contouring session. Here we go…

1. Base is Important

Base is important

Before we start the contouring process, it’s important to prepare the base of the face. I would recommend a primer with a matte finish that does not make the face/nose look oily after a while. Follow it up with a good foundation and then finally dab in some foundation for a neat base look.

2. Contouring in Layers

Contouring in layers

Adding layers of contour to your nose will give you a more defined nose. Start contouring your nose based on the shape of the nose and the steps discussed in the last section. Use highlighter and dark and light eye shadow to create the desired illusion. We prefer to go the natural way hence our pick is ashier tones. Avoid orange undertones as they are loud and excessively prominent.

The first step in contouring is using a cream contour and following it up with some powder. The cream base will create the base contour and then you can use the powder to dab in and blend the shades together.

Pro tip: For a more subtle look, skip the cream and use the powder shadow.

3. Blend Well

Blend well

This step holds good for any makeup hack. Blend the tones inwards towards the center of the nose to achieve a longer and defined nose. A heavily contoured nose without any blending is an absolute giveaway.

Pro tip: If you want a very subtle and natural look, follow up your contouring with a very mild layer of foundation. This will create a very subtle contoured look. The trick here is to blend the foundation in our hands and then apply it on the nose.

4. Work Downwards Starting at the Brows

Start contouring right from the front of the brow, gradually progressing downwards to the tips. This will give a uniform look on both sides. Contour your nose right till the bottom, just where your nostrils begin.
#Pro tip: If you have a broad nose, then try shaping your brows closer to each other. This will make the nose appear slim and long.

5. Hacks with a Concealer

Hacks with a concealer

To make the nose appear slimmer, try this hack using a concealer on both sides of your nose. Apply a concealer that is two shades lighter to bring about the desired look. This highlighting will make the nose appear slimmer.

Pro tip: To make the contrast more prominent, you can use a bright setting powder.

6. Do Away with The Highlighter

Do away with the highlighter

If your nose is rounded or large at the tip, skip using the highlighter as it will make the area more visible. Use a bronzer just above the bump to draw attention to the slim region instead of the rounded one.

Pro tip: Accentuate your eyes to take away the focus from your nose. Also, adding highlights to the hair will take away the focus from your nose.

For first-timers, it’s totally fine if you are unable to achieve the desired look in one go. Do not fret, will some amount of patience and practice, you will definitely achieve the desired contour. And remember, what works for others might not look good on you. Try different contouring techniques and settle for the one that compliments your features the most.

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