How To Make Your Nose Smaller Without Makeup

How To Make Your Nose Smaller Without Makeup

Having a long nose and listening hilarious comments about it have become a regular routine of yours.
Are you not satisfied with the length of your nose? Do you want your extra long nose to look small? Enhance your look and change the size of your nose as per your wish. Here are some effective to make your nose smaller without makeup have a look!

How To Make Your Nose Smaller Without Makeup

Today it is not very difficult for any one to amend body parts, its shape, size and color. It is all up to you how you want to modify it. Do not feel conscious and just freely move on with this few little tips for making your nose look smaller.

1. Massages to Make Nose Smaller

Regular and frequent massage daily or at regular time intervals helps change the size of nose and reframe the structure of nose making it look sleek and small. Start from the bridge of the nose that is the center of eyebrow and massage it until the tips of nostril. This is the simple way to amend the size of nose.

2. Oil to Make Nose Smaller

Use oil like coconut, sesame, olive etc. While massaging the nose, applying oil helps to mend the skin as desired. Oiling not only mends the skin but also nourishes the skin when massaged and rub the skin regularly. Choose the oil that suits you. Regular application helps always thus be particular.

3. Press the Pressure Points

The bridge of the nose if is slim, gives over all slim nose look. Therefore, the main emphasis here is to make the nose bridge look smaller. In order to make it look smaller, press the main pressure point of bridge i.e. the area of nose below eyes and between uni brow. Pressing it regularly helps reform the cartilage shape and we bet our desire fulfilled. These are the natural ways and thus help us protect from any side effects and drugs.

4. Clips and Nose Reshaper

Now a days in market, you find several clips and instruments to mend shape and size of nose. So just go shopping, pick and buy some equipment’s to suits your nose and help you get the required results. You can purchase it hardly for 3 to 5 $. These are easy on pocket and easy to deal.

5. Surgery to Make Nose Smaller

When you are definite and very sure of changing the shape of your nose you can opt for having a plastic surgery. Plastic surgery gives you results i.e. the shape of nose as you want. It is an expensive way to shape your nose, as you require. All you need is take an appointment of an expert surgeon and just go back home nose chopped according to you. It is a costly deal but if it is too important for you to have the shape changed, then go for it

6. Exercise to Make Nose Smaller

Exercising the nose in several ways can smaller the size of nose in few months naturally. I have two little exercises that would enhance the charm of your face. 

(i). Breathing Exercise to Make Nose Smaller:

Hold your nose in pinching position and now place thumb on one nostril and finger on other. Breath out from one nose and inhale from other. Clear it goes this way. Press one of your nostrils with thumb and inhale with second. Now close second nostril with finger from which you have inhaled. Breath out with the nostril, which is closed with thumb.Vice-versa now, and then Repeat.

(ii). Facial Exercise to Make Nose Smaller:

Pout your face and pull skin close to nose i.e. cheek area, towards ears. This technique would indulge all your muscles around nose to help you have a small nose. Regular exercise will help a lot to reshape your nose. No pain, no gain for desired results you have to continuously do the exercise. This exercise can be done after every 4 hours. So keep the alarm tickling!

There are many other exercises to shape up your nose. Just try different ways to be sure, which one suits you. All exercise regulates differently and effect different areas of nose. So carefully see which area it effects and how and then selects a way out for you.

Tips to Remember

  • Exercise, when done newly causes pain thus keep a check to the extent of pain and decide to continue or not.
  • Rubbing continuously may cause bruise or rash, which can be treated with ice or ice pack treatment.
  • Stretching of skin should be carefully done. Because the area you are dealing is very fragile.
  • While oiling, see that you are not allergic to certain oils.
  • While using clips or instruments have some soothing material near you. It can be used for soothing. Soothing material like cotton or Premium sponge can be used.
  • Surgeries involve foreign particles entry into your body; beware of the whole technique before opting it.
  • Surgeries are the fastest ways to sought out the problems, but have knowledge about its pros and cons if it can suit you and only then go for it.
  • Opt always for the healthy way that is body friendly.
  • People suffering from sinus, migraine should be very careful before selecting any of the techniques.
  • Be patient until you gain desired results.

Attaining a shape desired for nose is not very difficult task but either is not too easy. Practice and regularity helps you gain wanted results. However, it would take time. So be patient, put the pain and effort from your side and you will achieve the wanted results in no time.

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