6 Homemade Eyelash Growth Serum Recipes for Luscious Lashes

Homemade Eyelash Growth Serum

The beauty of the face always looks amazing when focused on the eyes. Are there any women who don’t fall for youthful eyelashes ? Absolutely no. Here are beauty hacks to enhance the quality of eyelashes. Days have come where women are habituated to mascara, sets of falsies and extensions for improvising eyelashes. Below are the eyelash growth serums which are obtained naturally around you.

Homemade Eyelash Growth Serum Recipes

1. Coconut oil and Almond oil Eyelash Serum

Beautiful curls for eyes are just amazing to imagine. If one knows the hidden secrets behind having sparkling eyes. No woman can resist learning the tips. Here is coconut oil and almond oil which are super healthy in the growth of hair fiber. Basically coconut oil is rich in saturated fats that helps in restoring protein loss. It also retains moisture which gives a glossy lash look.

Almond oil has more vitamins and minerals which nourishes and softens hair. This improves the thicker growth of eyelashes and gives longer appearance.


  • 1 tbsp of organic coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp of sweet almond oil
  • Melt the oils in pan till the water shimmers
  • Keep it aside for sometime
  • Pour it in a container
  • Clean eyelashes before applying
  • Apply on lashes during night time
  • Clean it with wet cloth or cotton he morning

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2. Vitamin E Eyelash Serum

Luscious lashes are the most impressive traits of feminine character. Vitamin E is a useful source in promoting hair growth at the site of eyelashes. This is a magical serum which works awesome when used for eyes.

It makes bushy lashes with beautiful curls in it . Every female desires for classy eyes and vitamin E makes the job easier. It is actually mixed with other oils for better texture and best results.


  • 2 capsules of vitamin E
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp of castor oil
  • Take the oils in small bowl
  • Squeeze vitamin E capsules
  • Pour them in the dropper bottle
  • Till the bottle to mix
  • Clean the eyes and lashes
  • Apply onto lashes before sleep, avoid applying during day time
  • Massage the serum properly
  • Wipe it off using moist cotton in the morning.

3. Castor oil Eyelash Serum

Are you tired of using artificial products to regain your eyelashes? Don’t feel bad here is the natural solution for it. Castor oil can be used in preparation of serum which will do wonders. As it has high nourishing fatty acids that helps nutritional growth of hair.

The antifungal and antibacterial property prevents hair loss and breakage specially at eyelashes. It also gives the fresh and lively look of your eyes. To get the fuller lashes with healthy growth follow the tips below.


  • 1 tbsp of castor oil
  • Melt it and wait for sometime
  • Pour this into a roller container
  • Clean lashes are recommended before applying
  • Apply onto eye lashes during night
  • Wait till morning and let the serum work
  • Wipe it with wet cotton.

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4. Aloe Vera Eyelash Serum

Mostly all the plant based ingredients are used in the land of beauty needs. Who doesn’t want a stylish lash ? Almost every woman wants, here is aloe vera gel which is gonna help out in providing shiny eyelashes.

It moisturizes ,gives smooth finishing and resolves the scanty lashes and brows. Aloe vera works even better when mixed with olive oil. To get the coolest eye lashes follow the tips below.


  • take1 tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • Mix them well until it softens
  • Clean the eyes and lashes
  • Apply the serum, with help of dropper
  • Massage well on the eyes
  • Leave it for 15 mins
  • Wipe it off gently with moist cotton

5. Petroleum Jelly Eyelash Serum

Petroleum jelly is used widely for many beauty hacks. It seals the moisture and provides hydrated lashes. The freshness of the jelly gives shiny eyelashes. Glossier eye look is only best owned by petroleum jelly. It is one of the cost effective beauty products available.


  • Buy any petroleum gel available in stores
  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • This will help eyes free from bacteria
  • Clean eyes gently
  • Apply little vaseline or petroleum gel with the help of cotton swab
  • Evenly spread to upper and lower lids
  • Blink your eyes so that it is coated all over
  • Doing it before bedtime gives best results in the morning
  • Wipe it with wet cotton.

6. Olive oil Eyelash Serum

Olive oil has many acids like palmitic acid,oleic acid and so on which help against anti-inflammatory actions . This regulates the sebum production that improves healthy follicle growth near eyes and lashes.

The emollient present in it turns out to be the best as eye softening. No other oil gives the shiny look which is attained by olive oil.


  • Take olive oil in bowl
  • Use mascara brush
  • Dip in olive oil
  • Wash eyes and lashes properly
  • Let the lashes dry
  • Gently coat the eyelash right from the root till the tip
  • Apply before bedtime
  • Rinse the lashes in morning
  • Use a cotton swab to remove the stickiness of oil.

All the best possible solutions for dull lashes and scanty brows are described above. Do use them at home with all the natural remedies. Before using, consult an ophthalmologist for any infection or allergy. Know your eyes better then move forward for healthy growth of eyelashes. Do follow us for more interesting beauty hacks.

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