Almond oil for Eyelashes to Make your Eyelashes More Attractive and Beautiful

Every woman is fond of long, thick and beautiful eyelashes. It is not easy to naturally enhance the growth of eyelashes as there are not enough nutrients that reach the hair follicles around the eye. Also, eyelashes fall very easily as they are prone to extreme environmental conditions such as harsh weather, regular chemicals used in face washes and scrubs. Stressful conditions such as insomnia lead to rubbing the eyes and also cause eyelashes to fall. There are some artificial methods of eyelash extensions that are now offered by almost every beauty salon in the world. However, it is expensive and causes discomfort to the eyes. Very few natural oils have been shown to enhance the growth of eyelashes by providing them with the right nutrients. The role of almond oil is discussed in this article.

Useful Properties of Almonds:

Almond oil is procured by hot or cold pressing; it is a rich source of vitamins and mineral elements. Vitamins such as vitamin B, A, E, and F are found in almonds. Almond oil is also said to be loaded with full range of macro nutrients, trace elements and proteins. All of these nutrients make almond oil a potent natural product for helping with growth of eyelashes.

Scope of Almond Oil: Then and Now

In very previous era, when people distinguished more treatment options, the actual property of almond oil was- its anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Almond oil has become an outstanding tool that heals the burns or wounds. It helps in getting rid of the scars and reduces pains instantly.

As we know that almond oil is used in a number of cosmetics. Using almonds helps to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Although, almond oil is said to provide your eyelashes a “new life”, it is essential to follow certain rules before using it. Usually almond oil is considered a safe and effective natural remedy.

How to Apply Almond Oil on Eyelashes:

Method – 1:

  • Clean all makeup from the face. Almond oil can be used to remove eye make-up and this ensures indirect application of the oil on the eyelashes.
  • . You can use a few drops of almond oil in the bath. Heat gently, it is highly recommended not to heat the almond oil in a microwave oven. The microwaves reduce the effect of the useful minerals in almond oil.
  • Take a neat and clean brush for eyelashes and apply the almond oil on the lashes and eyebrows. Note that the pair “dabs” brush will be adequate. But the roots of the eyelashes are better left untouched. The required amount of oil is absorbed on its own by the cilium to the bulb. At the same time the excess deposited on the hair roots, can do more harm than good.
  • Leave it on eyelashes and eyebrows for 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove rest with a paper towel.
  • After the process, do not wash with water!

Method – 2:

  • Clean your face and ensure there is no residue of makeup.
  • Pour a small amount of almond oil into a suitable container to warm up.
  • The best way to warm almond oil is by placing it under running warm water.
  • Now soak two cotton discs in the almond oil.
  • Close your eyes and place the cotton discs on your eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes.
  • After the process you should remove the excess oil from the eyelashes using a paper towel.
  • Do not wash at all. Avoid contact of eyelashes with water for at least an hour.

Contraindications for Use Almond Oil for Eyelashes:

There are not many side-effects of using almond oil for growing eyelashes. However, care needs to be taken and the use of almond oil should be avoided if there is an Inflammation in the eyes, if the oil has gone past its expiry date, avoiding the oil to go inside the eye.

Homemade Recipes for Use of Almond Oil for Eyelashes:

How to Grow Long Eyelashes Using Almond Oil

1. Almond Oil with Burdock:


  • 1 liter of water;
  • 5 ml of almond oil;
  • 200 grams of burdock (root and herb).

How to Prepare?

  • Take a pan,
  • Pour water into the pan.
  • Put on medium heat.
  • Add (in cold water) dried burdock (root and herb),
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Cover the pan.
  • Make to boil.
  • Take it off the heat and cover for about an hour.
  • Add almond oil composition obtained in the above amounts.
  • Mix well.
  • Put this in a dark place for 4 days (leave at room temperature).

This combination is extremely ideal for the care of eyelashes. Use it in the morning and evening followed by cleaning your eyes with cotton.

2. Almond Oil with Burdock, Castor Oil and Olive Oil:


  • almond oil – 2 parts;
  • olive oil – 1 part;
  • Burdock oil – 1 part;
  • Castor oil – 1 part.

How to Prepare?

Mix all the oils.

It is important to combine all the oils in a way that the consistency is good enough to use on the eyelashes. So we advise to put in a bit of Peruvian balsam that helps to renovate the lashes and make them thicker.

Use in the same way as advised for almond oil with burdock.

3. Castor Oil with Almond Oil:


  • castor oil – 1 part;
  • Almond oil – 1 part.

The most successful and effective tool, and it has been also tested by millions of women. A combination of two well-liked and effective oils that aids to make your eyelashes extremely attractive, beautiful and healthy.

This can be made by combining almond oil and castor in the same proportions and applied in the same way as per instruction only. All limitations and effects are the same to those specified only for almond oil.


  • Individual intolerance – It is imperative that before applying almond oil on the eyelashes, check for allergic reactions. You can check allergic reactions with a small test. For this test you should apply this oil to the felon of the elbow (inside) and leave. Just wait for 12 hours. If there are red spots, itching or other unpleasant sensations – avoid the almond oil.
  • Always check the shelf life and if expired do not use almond oil, which is no longer appropriate for use.
  • If the concentration of almond oil is high it can be diluted. For this combine oil and distilled or boiled water in a ratio of 2 parts to 1 (more oil – less water).
  • Remember that you should avoid contact with water after you apply almond oil on the eyelashes. Once the oil is separated from the eyelashes with a cotton pad or paper towel it does not need to be rinsed with water. The mixture of fatty oil and water can create blockage of pores leading to formation of nasty “Eye” diseases that will need to be eliminated surgically, for example, chalazion.
  • Almond oil for eyebrows and eyelashes must be used in a heated state. Essentially it requires little heat before application to the cilia (especially if you oil diluted with water). Only warm oil can provide a positive effect on hair follicles.
  • Using excess masks will lead to unpleasant results hence it is advised not to use too much almond oil in a single day.


A number of components in almond oil make it perfect as a home based remedy for improving beauty and health. The use of almond oil to help grow eyelashes has been supported by a number of user reviews. The only care that needs to be taken is to not use the oil in excess amounts.


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Almond oil for Eyelashes to Make your Eyelashes More Attractive and Beautiful
Every woman is fond of long, thick and beautiful eyelashes. It is not easy to naturally enhance the growth of eyelashes as there are not enough nutrients

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