Can I Use Vaseline After Lash Lift?

can i use vaseline after lash lift

A huge trend is going on in the internet world on using Vaseline after your lash lift. Nowadays, you can enhance your beauty at home itself without going to a salon. Likewise, you can embrace your lashes temporarily at a low cost, only with two simple ingredients which are an eyelash curler and a Vaseline. It is ideal to use Vaseline on your lashes after lifting for ultimate results. Firstly let us know more about lash lifting and Vaseline.

Lash Lifting

Lifting your lashes makes your eyes look more open. Lash lifting permanently is quite expensive in salons and parlors. If you like your natural lashes and just want to skip mascara then a lash lift is a great choice for you. It just adds more natural vibes to your lashes and makes your eye appear more wider.


Vaseline is nothing but a petroleum jelly. It is made of a hundred percent purified white petroleum. This budget-friendly product is widely used for various skin care routines and possesses several benefits for your eyelashes as well.(1)

Benefits of Using Vaseline on Eyelashes

Budget-friendly and gentle:

  • Much cheaper than fancy products, a little goes a long way.
  • Safe for sensitive skin and conditions like blepharitis. (Consult your doctor if prone to eye infections.)

Healthier-looking lashes:

  • Adds shine and fullness when applied sparingly at the base or tips.
  • Seals in moisture, good for dry lashes and even dry eye.

Simple and versatile:

  • One product for both skin and lashes.
  • Can be used alone or alongside other moisturizers.

Things to remember:

  • Not sterile, use cotton swabs for application.
  • Not ideal as a facial moisturizer before makeup.
  • Best for evening or bedtime use.

Bonus fact: Penetrates the outer layer of skin, aiding moisture retention.

How to Apply Vaseline to Your Lashes

Get An Old Mascara Wand: Take any old mascara wand and dab its bristles in a paper towel. Don’t use soft tissue as it will create more mess. Gently shake your wand in a folded paper towel to remove any tenacious residue.

1. Deep Clean Your Wand: Dip your wand in lukewarm water for 2-4 minutes. This brings out the dried mascara that was sticking in your wand. After then, soak your wand in isopropyl alcohol to remove some mascara that is still lodged between the bristles.

2. Drying Up Your Wand: Your wand should be completely dry before using them for this procedure. Use a paper towel and pat fry your wand.

3. Cleanse Your Makeup: Wash off the makeup on your eyes and lashes. Cleanse your eyelids gently and make sure that your lashes are free from mascara or other residue.

4. Dip Your Wand Into Vaseline: Take out some Vaseline by dipping the wand. Using a damp paper towel may help to spread the Vaseline evenly on your wand.

5. Apply to Your Upper and Lower Lash Line: Now apply the Vaseline while your lashes are in the eyelash curler and brush them with a spoolie. Apply to both upper and lower lash lines just like applying your mascara. Ensure to coat both sides of your lashes thoroughly for optimum results.

6. Obtain a Fuller Lashes: Applying the Vaseline to your lashes and leaving it overnight will add moisturize your lashes. Gently cleanse the remaining vaseline residue on your lashes the next morning. The conditioning qualities of vaseline results in making your lashes look fuller and lifted in moments.

Drawbacks and tips

However, rather than its benefits for your lashes after the lift, there are some disadvantages too.

  • Thick and sticky: Difficult to apply without irritating the eye area.
  • Traps dirt: Increases risk of eyelid infections if hygiene is not maintained.
  • Doesn’t prevent wrinkles: Lacks ingredients like retinoids or peptides to address wrinkles.
  • Consult doctor after stye: Seek professional advice before resuming use after an infection.


  • You can also use clean cotton bud or swab to apply vaseline to your lashes
  • Cleanse your hands thoroughly without any dirt or bacteria leaving behind
  • Remove your makeup completely beforehand, applying Vaseline to your lashes.

Thus using Vaseline after lash lifting is beneficial as it enhances your natural lashes to a voluminous, tinted, and fuller appearance.

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