7 Best Root Lifters For Fine Hair

7 Best Root Lifters For Fine Hair

If your tresses look limp and lifeless, it’s high time you should start using a root lifter that helps lift hair from roots and give them the desired bounce and volume. The presence of healthy and hair-loving ingredients makes root lifters the best for all hair types.

Apart from giving volume and lift to the hair, root lifters also help style hair and conceal bald patches. Moreover, it protects hair from environmental stress. You can find different types of root lifters for fine hair in various forms, such as gel, mousse, cream, or spray.

The use of root lifters instantly lends volume and body to limp and listless hair. Check out the 7 best root lifters we have shared, selected based on quality and performance. We have also considered users’ reviews to select the best products for you.

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7 Best Root Lifters For Fine Hair

1. Best For Color-Treated Hair: John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray

  • Formulated with Air-Silk Technology hair adds instant volume at the roots
  • Makes hair look fuller, dense
  • It is a lightweight hair root booster
  • Helps create beautiful blow-out styles
  • Do not let the hair fade
  • Spreads it on the roots and gives the hair a push upwards for a denser look
  • Safe for color-treated and fine hair
  • Offers long-lasting hold

What We Don’t Like: It contains flammable ingredients.


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2. Best Instant Lift: SexyHair Big Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder

  • It is a translucent powder root booster for hair
  • It stays colorless on the scalp and liquefies upon application
  • Attain a bouncy, voluminous, lifted look
  • It helps give an enhanced hair texture
  • Best root boosters for fine hair
  • It is fragrance-free, lightweight, devoid of harsh chemicals
  • It is free of paraben, fragrance

What We Don’t Like: It might feel slightly sticky on the scalp.


3. Best Vegan: Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost Root Lifter

  • It has a clean, toxin-free formulation
  • Infused with plant extracts such as ginger, jojoba, aloe vera, and rosemary
  • Best root lifter for fine thin hair
  • It consists of panthenol that lends protection to hair strands
  • helps achieve dense, lifted hair right from the roots
  • Lifts hair from roots and gives voluminous tresses

What We Don’t Like: It may leave hair greasy and also weigh it down.


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4. Best For Fine Hair: Garnier Fructis Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse

  • Amplifies the volume of the hair right from the roots
  • Enriched with the goodness of cotton flower extracts
  • Adds fullness and volume to the hair
  • Free of paraben, sulfate, and silicone

What We Don’t Like: It gives a crunchy feel to the strands.


5. Salon Finish: BOLDIFY Root Boosting Spray

  • It is an effective root-lifting spray that makes hair voluminous with
  • Plumps up lifeless hair
  • It gives a long-lasting lift to the locks
  • Aids in a focused, mess-free application
  • Helps achieve the desired volume
  • Devoid of harmful chemicals, refrains from animal testing
  • It is color safe and suits all types of hair

What We Don’t Like: It may leave hair stiff and clumpy.


6. Offers Full Coverage: MATRIX Total Results High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter Spray

  • Adds up the volume to the hair
  • Lifts hair from roots instantly
  • Lightweight formula that stays comfortably on the hair
  • It offers long-lasting natural volume
  • Helps create salon-like hairstyles
  • Trusted by professionals
  • lends an extreme lift right from the roots
  • Chemical-free formulation and lightweight formula
  • Free of sulfate, alcohol, and silicone

What We Don’t Like: It contains parabens.


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7. Voluminizing: AG Hair Care Bigwigg Root Volumizer

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Alcohol and chemical-free formulation
  • Infused with pea sprout extract, ginseng extract, ginger extract, and rosemary
  • It also contains skin-safe chemicals dimethicone and tilicene
  • Suits all hair types
  • Adds maximum volume to limp and dry hair
  • Delivers strength, sheen, and thermal protection to the tresses
  • Free of paraben, alcohol, gluten

What We Don’t Like: Runny consistency.



Now that you know the best root lifters, it’s high time you should start using them to give the desired lift to your limp and lifeless hair. Also, you can style them in different ways, hiding the bald patches effectively.

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