14 Best 4c Hairstyles For Kids

4c Hairstyles For Kids

Any time parents can save is a victory because they already have a lot of obligations with their children. A few minutes can be cut off of morning preparation by looking at some hair inspiration. See the 15 kid-friendly haircuts that will provide your small girl’s choice for inspiration.

14 Best 4c Hairstyles For Kids

1) Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails

Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails

The half up half down ponytail hairstyle is a great 4c hairstyle for kids that is both stylish and sophisticated. To get this look, simply take the top half of your hair and tie it back onto a ponytail and leave the other half down.

2) Headband Puff

Headband Puff

Any kind of headband will pull the hair back into a cute puff if your child’s hair isn’t quite long enough to be pulled into a ponytail.

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3) Three Strand Braids Protective Style

Three Strand Braids Protective Style

There is no age limit for protective fashion! Make multiple parts on either side of the head, add separate three strand braids, and then style the hair by hydrating it with a styler..

4) Afro Puffs

Afro Puffs

Baby Afro puffs make any child feel like Minnie Mouse, making them one of the cutest hairstyles. By forming two high ponytails on each side of the central part, you may do this with day-old hair.

5) Rainbow Box Braids

Rainbow Box Braids

On your child’s first day of school, these lovely rainbow box braids will be the talk of the neighborhood. The project will display a stunning colour spectrum if pink, blue, orange, and green braided hair is used.

6) Side-Swept Waterfall Cornrows

Side-Swept Waterfall Cornrows

This skilled hair braider made side-swept cornrows with waterfalls that were decorated with gold cuffs. It will be simple to leave the house with this durable protecting design.

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7) Voluminous Afro

Voluminous Afro

Allowing the hair to grow out naturally is a lovely sight. Afros are adaptable and can be fashioned in a number of different ways. Using an Afro pick to fluff up the hair can provide more volume.

8) Braided Bun

Braided Bun

Vertical cornrows braided into a ponytail are a feature of this advanced style. Following that, a bun is formed out of the braided ponytail. Adding a single vertical braid that falls towards the face above each ear gives the style a contemporary edge.

9) Heart Shaped Braided Ponytail

Heart Shaped Braided Ponytail

This elegant ponytail is ideal for important occasions and can be achieved with longer curls. The traditional method for creating a heart-shaped ponytail is to divide the hair in half down the center.

10) Criss-cross Twists And Puff

Criss-cross Twists And Puff

Apply any desired moisturizing or styling treatments after once more smoothing the puff. Gold cuffs add a touch of glitz to this look.

11) Half-Up Braided Bun with Charmed Braids

Half-Up Braided Bun with Charmed Braids

Two cornrows around the ears that are adorned with gold cuffs and beads give this half-updo a fashionable touch.

12) Simple Half-Up Ponytail

Simple Half-Up Ponytail

Pulling out any longer curls and keeping them away from the face is as easy as incorporating a little horseshoe part into a clip or ponytail.

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13) Braid with Baubles

Braid with Baubles

The ornaments also keep it looking adorable. The best part is that you don’t require knowledge beyond what a basic 3-strand braid requires.

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14) Banded Half-Updo

Banded Half-Updo

Make a huge part from one ear to the other after the hair has been washed and stylers have been applied. Work on the upper half of the hair while removing the bottom half using a clip.


Through the use of original curly hairstyles for girls, they can be made to look even more lovely. Some people believe it is challenging to have lovely curls since they lack knowledge of the appropriate upkeep methods or are unsure of the many hairstyles they can wear. However, no special abilities are needed to create a lovely curly hairstyle. A little patience, attention, and healthy hair nourishment will work wonders.

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