10 Best Curly Ponytail Hairstyles With Weave For Black Hair

Best Curly Ponytail Hairstyles With Weave For Black Hair

Ponytails today can be chic and seductive, the ideal addition to your out-and-about outfit. And if you think your natural hair can’t be pulled back into a glam ‘do, you’re seriously mistaken. Your ponytail may go from boring to fabulous with only a few styling hints. We can help in this situation.

10 Best Curly Ponytail Hairstyles With Weave For Black Hair

1) Side Parted Long Sleek Ponytail

Side Parted Long Sleek Ponytail

Using a comb to create your side part for this style, then styling products like hair oil and gel to keep it in place. Try dividing your hair asymmetrically for a more interesting look.

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2) Short And Flirty Ponytail

Short And Flirty Ponytail

You can get this look by making a middle part in your hair, adding styling gel to keep it in place, and then pulling your hair back into a ponytail in the center of your back.

3) Pearly Ponytail

Pearly Ponytail

Make a smooth ponytail with all of your hair by pulling it back. Lay your edges down in a wavy style using a toothbrush and styling gel.

4) Low, Curly Ponytail

Low, curly ponytail

This is a simple but stunning ponytail that you may wear when traveling. Make a side or middle part in your hair, then gather it all at the back of your head into a low bun.

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5) High Wavy Ponytail

High Wavy Ponytail

Ponytail hair extensions done with mermaid waves using a triple barrel curling wand are required to get the effect.

6) Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail

Use some curly ponytail extensions to give your hair more length and volume. The ponytail should then be tied off a few inches below the base using a small set of hair ties.

7) Double Space Buns

Double Space Buns

Although this isn’t a ponytail updo in the strictest sense, we still adore it because it’s so simple to make. Make a middle part in your hair and then bun half of it up on one side.

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8) Middle Braided Ponytail

Middle Braided Ponytail

Try this braid while we’re talking about braids. Create a thin segment of hair down the center of your head inside the side part of your hair.

9) Kim K Braided Ponytail

Kim K Braided Ponytail

With a severe side part and it slicked down, you can add even more sleekness. At the nape of the neck, gather every hair strand and secure it with a hair tie.

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10) Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped Ponytail

This updo with a ponytail is ideal for a wedding or formal occasion right now. After flipping all of your hair to the opposite side, add hair oil to keep everything in place.


Anyway, which hairstyle has impressed you the most? With the numerous braid hairstyles that are available, you have a lot of choices. Select the one that makes you feel certain and sparkle consistently! Remember to try different things with your ponytail styles to make it suit your character.

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