Two Strand Twist: Benefits, How to Styles And Tips

Two Strand Twist: Benefits, How to Styles And Tips

Twists, also known as two-strand twists, are hairstyles made by twisting two sections of hair around one another to the end. Section of hair may range from large to small.

Two-strand twists are an easy, beautiful, protective hairstyle. This hairstyle has an added bonus- it can help lock in moisture. 

While flat twists work on different textures, two-strand twists generally work better on utterly natural hair. The ends in this hairdo usually hold together without extra help from bands.

Twists can also be combined with other hairstyles, such as braids or afros. This hairstyle works for all types of hair textures, such as curly, wavy, kinky, or coils.

The Benefits of Two Strand Twists

  • They are lightweight; therefore, there is no tension of tugging and pulling of hair.
  • This hairstyle requires no heat or heat styling tool.
  • Helps keep the hair in moisture for longer.
  • Keeps the hair tangle-free.
  • Low-maintenance hairstyle that allows the hair to rest. 
  • Less manipulation of hair, along with moisture retention, thus, do not cause breakage of hair.

How Do Two Strand Twists?

1. Prep Your Hair

Before creating the two-strand twists, prepping your hair with shampoo and conditioner is very important. Make sure the hair is damp and not wet. Detangle the hair properly using fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

2. Mist Your Hair

Use a spray bottle to mist your hair and massage a moderate amount of hair cream into it. This is to prepare it for sectioning so you don’t feel much pain when you divide the hair.

3. Twist Your Hair

Twist Your Hair
  • Depending on how many twists you want, divide your hair into sections and secure them using clips.
  • You can also vary on how many twists you want, depending on the look that you want to create and how long or dense your hair is.
  • To do this, twist two sections of evenly sized hair around each other. Keep a stable amount of tension on the strands constantly, avoiding tugging or hair strands. They can be done either loose or tight.

Adding an extension is not a requirement when creating twists, but synthetic hair gives you a long-lasting and fuller styling.

Styling the Two-Strand Twists

Once you have mastered the two-strand twists, you can create a range of stunning hairstyles.

  • Twists out: Once your twists have dried, unravel them carefully to reveal beautifully defined curls.
  • Use extensions: Combine your twisted hair strands with braids or hair extensions. It will add length and volume to your style.
  • Flat twisting style: Raise your twisting style by incorporating a flat twist into your hairstyle. Section a small portion of hair in the front and twist it flat against the scalp. Merge it smoothly into your two-strand twist.
  • Twist and turn: Try twisting the different sections of hair in an alternate direction. It will create a more dynamic style.

Why Do Twists Become Loose?

There are a few reasons of why the twists start coming off loose:

  • Incorrect twisting technique
  • Loose curl pattern
  • Ineffective products used to hold the twist
  • Straight end caused by heat damage

Tips for Long-Lasting Twists

long-lasting twists

If your two strand twists often get loose, here are the tips to make them long-lasting-

  • Start the twist by braiding at the root.
  • Twist on dry hair to keep it long lasting and give a fuller appearance.
  • Before twisting, spray a small amount of water mixed with leave-in conditioner on dry hair.
  • Add a little alcohol-free gel to the roots, and with the help of bobby pins, hold the root of each twist until you are done twisting your entire head.
  • Seal the roots with castor oil or Jojoba oil.
  • Keep spritzing the twists and the braids at the root with a small amount of water every other day throughout the duration you are wearing the twist.
  • You can use a rubber band on the end of your twist to prevent them from unraveling.
  • Always detangle your hair in a section using a wide-tooth comb.
  • Once the twists are done, try sleeping on a silk or satin pillow. Or, you can wrap your entire head with a satin bonnet or a scarf.


The two-strand twist is an easy hairstyle to create; only some get it perfect the first time or maybe the first few times. You should practice more, paying more attention to the size of each section you are twisting. With each section evenly distributed, the result will be more uniform. With more and more practice, you will eventually master the art of weaving hair and creating gorgeous two strand twists.

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