11 Best Cornrow Hairstyles For 12 Year Olds

Best Cornrow Hairstyles For 12 Year Olds

One of the most low-maintenance and protective hairstyles you can try for relaxed or natural hair are cornrows. Depending on the style you’re striving for, they can take on a variety of shapes and sit near to the scalp.
See beautiful examples of cornrow braid styles below that will inspire you to make your styles.

11 Best Cornrow Hairstyles For 12 Year Olds

1.Pigtail Cornrows

Try some pigtail cornrows if you enjoy sporty styles that feel stylish at the same time. In addition to your larger cornrows, you can add small braids to the sides of your head for a more intricate look.

2.Beaded Straight Back Cornrows

This type of cornrow decoration communicates to others your pride in your heritage and connection to it.

3.Simple Straight Back Cornrows

You’re likely to find a lot of variety with the straightforward look because it complements both natural and daring beauty looks.

4.Cornrows with Slicked-Down Baby Hair

Cornrow hairstyles give you the chance to feature your baby hairs front and center if you’re an unabashed admirer. Go crazy with those edges using your preferred edge control gel.

5.Sunbeam Cornrow

This type of cornrows resemble three-dimensional cornrows, which give the traditional slick-back appearance a touch of flair.

6.Cornrow Top Bun

If you truly want to stand out, you might braid your hair into a fancy topknot. Most people would choose to wear their hair in a low bun

7.Lemonade Braids on Toddlers

Your child will look stunning wearing these adorable lemonade braids because they are so charming and cute.

8.Mohawk Cornrows on Black Girls

For special events where you want your daughter to stand out, these cornrows are ideal.

9.Double Ponytail Cornrows on Little Black Girls

Little girls with short hair look adorable wearing these stitch cornrow braids. If your daughter cooperates, they can be placed in less than an hour.

10.Cornrow Updo with Flat Twists Bangs

This fluffy hairdo is lovely and will highlight your daughter’s natural hair’s health and attractiveness, especially if she has 4c hair.

11.Tribal Cornrows on School Children

This tribal haircut will stand out wherever she goes if you need a quick but stylish hairdo for your kid for an upcoming occasion.


Regardless of your child’s hair’s length or texture, there are a ton of protective hairstyles you may apply to it. You can copy a ton of great ideas from the internet. However, you might need to get inventive to ensure that the child’s hairdo suits both your preferences as a parent and their lifestyle.

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