Naturtint Permanent Hair Color Review

naturtint permanent hair color

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color enriched with certified organic oils, natural plant seed oils and extracts. This is the first permanent hair color treatment which actively and gently cares for the health of both the hair and scalp.

This radiant hair color is a permanent option that only colors and 100% gray coverage for long-lasting and gives natural nourished hair. There are 32 mixable shades to choose from that deliver lively color.

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

How it Works:

  • This product contain different natural ingredients.
  • Olive oleic acid which provides strength and vitality.
  • Meadow foam seed oil helps to restore hair’s elasticity and keep it moisturized and full of shine.
  • It also contain Baobab proteins helps to rebuild hair’s natural keratin.
  • It is free from ammonia, parabens and artificial fragrances.


  • It is quick and easy to use, with a non-dip gel formula.
  • You will get strong, smooth and nourished hair.
  • It is dermatologically tested.
  • It gives optimum scalp care.
  • Long-lasting color, enhanced shine.


  • It is not suitable for people whose age is under 16.
  • Not suitable for irritated and damaged scalp.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The formulation of Naturtint is with 99% natural ingredients. It deeply hydrates your hair and gives gorgeous hair. It gives more intense moisturization and a natural looking color result.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

Q. Is Nuturtint associated with hair loss?
Ans: Anytime you use chemicals on your hair it can cause some hair loss, BUT I used Naturtint for almost 10 years and had no problem. Hair loss more times is caused by hormones or build up in the hair follicles.

Q. Will this work on dark brown hair?
Ans: My hair is dark brown but with a lot of grey mixed in it. It makes my hair have the russet tone all over but it also COVERS ALL THE GREY! I leave it on the roots for about 10-15 minutes, then pull it through the ends for another 30 minutes. I have used this brand of hair dye and color for many, many years.

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