How to Straighten your Hair at Home?

how to straighten hair

With the help of ironing that is also known as the rectifier, you can treat your wild hair, it corrects your fluffy waves. It can straighten curls. Though, there are several rules that will promise to get a perfect straight hair. All women who prefer straight and smooth hair should select the right choice of hair straightener. There are wide arrays of different devices are available in the market, they are both varying in price and quality. It is depending on the design that can be divided into four groups.

Here are Simple Techniques on How to Straighten Hair

  1. With the metal plates.
  2. With ceramic plates.
  3. With lithium-ceramic and tourmaline coating.
  4. Combined options.

There are different types of work plates, which are now designed with hair strengtheners.

1. Metal Plate Straightener

metal plate straightener

Rectifiers with metal plates are available at a very low price. But the quality of straightening is very poor. Moreover, the metal plate can spoil the hair structure, even when we use at low temperatures. Furthermore, they do not allow making quality stacking.

Important Note:

  • If you want to straighten your hair that performs well and not harm them, then use the appliance with metal plates with no more than 2-3 times a month.

2. Ceramic Plate Straightener

ceramic plate straighteners

Ceramic plate straightener should be used with the same frequency as the metal irons. These have a more pleasant effect on the structure of curls when compared to the metal plate straighteners.


  1. This coating has a consistent and firm thermal conductivity.
  2. Tool gently glides over curls, almost without burning and without damaging them.
  3. They have a wide range of options and are popular.
  4. Gently straighten hair.
  5. Models have several forms of operation.
  6. They have a relatively low price.


  • Such devices on the plates do not have a special coating and additives, which are available on newer versions of ironing.
  • For heating plates take long enough.

3. Tourmaline Hair Strengtheners

tourmaline hair straighteners

This is a unique straightener for your hair. It is much more beneficial for the hair. The facts that in its tool there are charged crystals, which upon heating and produce negative ions are extremely beneficial to the hair structure. They are able to repair and give curls a healthy shine. The ceramic plate is covered with a thin layer of tourmaline mineral. It is very effective straightening hair iron and does not harm the health of the hair.


  • 100% safe.
  • Superb glide through the hair.
  • They have a wide variety
  • Having an ionizing effect, whereby static electricity is removed from the hair.
  • Devices have various modes of operation.
  • Make curls smooth and attractive.


  • High price.

How to Straighten Your Hair?

  1. Firstly, you need to wash your hair thoroughly. To do this, make sure to use a shampoo for fragile and damaged hair.
  2. Always use a thermal or heat protectant spray, gel or cream for your hair.
  3. Before using the device always dry your hair properly. This can be done in a natural way, just wait for some time and brush your hair. Generally, any rectifier should be used only on dry curls. Otherwise, you can shorten their life 2-3 times.
  4. To rapidly straighten your hair, you should start with curls, located in the back of the head. Thus they need to be divided into a number of layers.
  5. To make it more suitable, it is recommended to start with the hair in parts. Make sure you straighten from the top of the hair to the bottom.
  6. After that, you need to select all the strands of hair clips and begin to process the crown. It is not advised to straighten the same segments of hair repeatedly. Otherwise, you can damage your hair. It is adequate to stimulate smooth strands of your hair.
  7. Finally, you need to comb your hair properly.

Care Instructions for Hair Iron

If you use hair straightening tools for styling, the muggy deposit can remain on the ironing plates. In addition, the styling products slowly accumulate on the plate and appear as a rough film, which reacts with your hair. So you should clean the hair iron with a damp cloth, which is moistened with soapy water. You can also use normal diluted alcohol or alcohol-tonic.

Masks to Protect Hair from Ironing Damage

  • In order to cure hair and making them stronger and more elastic use, a small amount of patchouli oil (2-3 drops) added to any shampoo when washing.
  • It is also possible to prepare a remedy for hair care. For this purpose, 150 ml of shampoo or balsam add 12-14 drops crude avocado oil. It is recommended to rub the mixture into the scalp for two hours before washing. With regular use of funds curls acquires a natural healthy glow to be attractive and strong.
  • For more hair will be useful for the following nourishing mask. To blend unrefined avocado oil at a ratio of one to one with jojoba oil. This mask should be applied to the hair for the night, the mixture is rubbed into the scalp massaged. In the morning curls need a good wash with shampoo.
  • For hair care when straightening use a jojoba oil or shampoo, which is rich in this oil. This tool is necessary for 12-13 minutes before washing with light massage movements lubricate the hair.
  • You can use other means. For this purpose, one teaspoon of jojoba needs to add five to seven drops of essential oil of orange fruit, lavender or ylang-ylang. Apply this mixture on a comb and then comb the hair. Repeat procedure should be 2-4 times throughout the day. This tool is especially effective for brittle hair.
  • To restore the structure of hair and other suitable mixture. This mix 2 drops of jojoba oil, ginger, eucalyptus, cedar, orange, pine or sage. This mixture is used more in the form of applications for hair loss. Applied usually means about a quarter of an hour before washing the head.
  • You can make a mask for hair on the basis of sour milk and castor oil. In this case, you need to take these ingredients in equal proportions. This mixture nourishes and strengthens hair roots.

As appealing and easy-to-manage it is when you have straight hair, remember that any artificial methods of hair straightening should always involve the use of good hair care products. It is not recommended to use cheap hair straighteners as they cause extensive damage to your hair.

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