11 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing You Must Know

Hair Smoothing

Hair for women is an object of pride and glory. One spends bucks on it to attain the hair of their dreams. Even the slightest hint of receding hairline is enough to bring about a catastrophe in our lives. While some are naturally blessed with thick gorgeous hair which hardly needs any attention, some has to resort to other resources to tame their curly, frizzy and dry hair.

With the frizzy hair often becoming unmanageable with every changing season and the products from the most reputed brands often advertised on television giving way, one has to turn to a beauty salon to get their hair ‘treated’. Keeping in mind the latest trend of the season, one is advised to undergo hair smoothing over hair straightening, to get straight, soft and shiny hair. “All that glitters is not gold” holds true in this place because though such treatments may seem to be the easiest way to get manageable hair, but it surely leaves your hair and scalp severely damaged and proves detrimental in the long run. The aftermath, though less than hair straightening, aren’t too little to be ignored. So, before you set out for a hair smoothing treatments, you should be aware of the side effects of the same.

11 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing

1. Eye Irritation and Nausea

If not chosen the right product during the treatment, hair smoothing can cause nausea and dizziness to an individual when inhaled. Moreover, the chemicals used in the process can also cause irritation to the eyes. Hence, one has to be careful while using the products.

2. Affects the Root of the Hair and Modifying Hair Cells

The hair cells are prone to permanent damage as the chemicals used in the treatment are very strong. This can be injurious as often the chemicals seeps into the body through the scalp. It may also prevent the growth of healthy hair as it damages the roots of the hair permanently.

3. Allergy and other type of Reactions

An individual is vulnerable to allergic reactions if the product used is inappropriate and the chemicals in the product does not suit their hair and scalp. In some cases, if the chemicals come in contact with the skin and scalp, it can also cause rashes. Hence, it is advised to do a preliminary test by applying the product on a small patch of the skin before using it.

4. Dryness of Hair

Since the process of hair smoothing involves the use of heat and other strong chemicals, it often leaves the hair dry and lacking lustre. Lack of moisture is again a cause of hair fall. Hence, hair serum is extensively used to combat against dryness of hair to keep the hair hydrated and soft.

5. Overuse of Serum can Spoil the Hair

As the end results of hair smoothing do not always match the desired results, one is left with no other choice but to use hair serums and other lotions to get softer and smoother hair. Besides overuse of such products being extremely harmful to the hair, it also makes the hair oleaginous.  Oily hair is not at all desirous and makes one look sloppy.

6. Inflammation of the Mid Scalp

Since hair smoothing is a time consuming process, the use of such strong chemicals can cause inflammation of the mid scalp. It can also damage one’s hair as the hair is exposed to heat and toxic chemicals for a prolonged period of time.

7. Weakening of Finger Muscles

The entire process of hair smoothing consumes time and involves extensive use of fingers. Hence the finger muscles can get weakened due to the chemicals which comes in contact with the hand.

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8. Hair fall:

This is the most common effect of hair smoothing. It is actually a reaction of the chemicals used in the process. Due to the extensive use of heat, chemicals and even the serums, the hair tends to become loose at the root which leads to gradual thinning of hair.

9. Dandruff

With the dryness of the hair comes another subsequent problem, dandruff. Excessive aridity of the scalp causes the excess cells to fall off forming scaly flakes scattered throughout the scalp. It leaves the scalp very itchy and flaky. It can lead to hair-fall.

10. Formaldehyde breaks the bond in the hair

Formaldehyde is a gas which is released when it is heated or mixed with water. It is often contained in the chemicals used in the hair smoothing process. The bonds of the hair are permanently broken by this ingredient. So, it is necessary to be diligent and ask the beautician if the product is Formaldehyde-free.

11. Health hazards

The use of certain toxic chemicals as formaldehyde(which is actually used to preserve dead bodies) increases the risks of certain blood cancers and brain cancers in human. Breathing the chemical can also cause throat and lung problems. The other health hazards include breathing problems, heaviness in the chest, fatigue and sore throat to name a few.

Besides all these side effects, one can never deny that the maintaining smoothed hair is an expensive affair. The best products for such hair come at a much higher price. One also has to devote some time to maintain their hair. Often one does not find it feasible to continue spending time and money on such expensive products and treatments in the salon, especially if he/she has a busy schedule. This leads to further damage of hair.

Therefore, one should be aware of the side effects before their hair smoothing treatment.

For the rest, who choose to try out DIY remedies for soft and healthy hair, can mix into a paste and apply 1 egg, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon olive oil to your scalp. After keeping this for thirty minutes, wash it off with a mild shampoo. Such natural remedies surely do not come with a baggage of side effects!

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