Can You Use Curly Hair Shampoo on Straight Hair?

can you use curly hair products on straight hair

The three most common hair types are curly hair, wavy hair, and straight hair. While straight and wavy hair is considered less problematic, curly hair is thought to demand more care for specific needs, and that’s true for many reasons.

If you have straight hair and ask for a hair care regime and the best products from your friends with curly hair, it will be no use. The reason is simple- straight and curly hair are far afield in looks and needs. So, if you wonder can you use curly hair shampoo on straight hair, the answer is no. Even if you use it, the result won’t be as effective.

Wondering what will happen if you use curly hair products on straight hair? Continue reading as we have compiled maximum information for you.

What Happens if You Use Curly Shampoo on Straight Hair?

Difference In Hair Structure

The hair follicles can be blamed for your hair type. The structural difference in curly, wavy, and straight hair is contributed by the protein molecules and follicles that are shaped in different manners.

Protein molecules (Keratin)- Hair protein is called keratin. When keratin is bonded in a regular pattern, the hair will remain straight; however, if the build-up of this protein is uneven, you will get waves or curls, depending upon the intensity of unevenness.

Hair follicles- The shape of the hair follicle also determines the hair structure. If the follicle is more rounded, it will give rise to straight hair, but a follicle with an elliptical or oval shape will end up forming waves and curls in hair strands.

What Determines The Need For Hair?

Each hair type has different needs. Curly hair gets dry and coarse often because of crooked hair follicles. Due to unevenness, it becomes hard for the natural oil to seep into the air, leaving dry conditions on the scalp. It makes the scalp become itchy and irritated.

On the other hand, straight hair is easy to manage as the tendency of the scalp to seep the oil naturally is higher. It helps the hair become smooth and shiny naturally.

What Effects if You Use Curly Shampoo on Straight Hair?

Here are some major products for curly hair with their effect on straight hair-

Leave-on Hair Care Products: Hair care products for curly hair are made to boost the moisture content of curly hair. So, if you apply curly hair leave-on products on straight hair, the hair will feel bulkier. The extra moisture from the product will add to the natural oils in straight hair, giving a heavy feeling.

Shampoo: The motto of shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp by removing dirt and grime. So, there won’t be much difference in using curly hair shampoo on straight hair. In fact, curly hair shampoo will provide extra nutrients and moisture to the straight hair, making them frizz-free. Make sure the shampoo is free from sulfate and alcohol.

Curl Defining Cream: Such products are made to furnish the requirement of extra moisture to the curls, making them less dry and frizzy. People with straight hair use curl defining cream after using a heating tool to curl the hair; it will help get smooth and soft waves instead of curls. Also, such cream will wear the hair down and make the hair feel heavy.

Does Curl Activator Work On Straight Hair?

A curl activator is meant for hair that already has curls. In fact, they are used for hair that is under type 3 curls (too curly) to hold them in place. Although curling creams can work for straight hair to get curls, curl activator will not.

Can I Use Straight Hair Products On Curly Hair?

There won’t be much difference if you use curly hair products on straight hair or vice versa. Curly hair needs more care due to unevenness in its protein molecule and less tendency to seep the natural oil into the air. Due to this, curly hair needs masking, oiling, and the use of serums and heavy conditioners for long periods compared to straight hair.

If you are stuck in a place where you do not have hair care products meant for your hair type, you can use curly hair products on straight hair and straight hair products on curly ones as they do not degrade or have any negative effect on hair quality or health. However, it is good to use products meant for your hair type only to get a smooth, shiny, and desired result.

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