How To Know If You Have Curly Hair?

how to know if you have curly hair

Do you know that sometimes the hair is secretly curly and wavy, and you keep using the wrong products and techniques? Curly hairs look gorgeous but maintaining them is a little tricky. Often women think they have wavy hair when their actual hair type is curly. Natural curls and ringlets start coming if such hair types are maintained properly, and the right products are used.

If you wonder how to know if you have curly hair, keep reading.

Curl Patterns And Hair Types

The four different hair types are-

  1. Straight hair- No bends or kinks
  2. Wavy hair- Waves, S patterns, and bends
  3. Curly hair- Curls and ringlets
  4. Coily- Tight curls

Curly hair is when your hair type falls in the category between 2 to 4. Here, it is important to mention that one person can have different hair types that could change throughout their lifetime.

While it is easy to identify straight, curly, and oily hair types, the trickiest one is wavy hair. Most women think of using a flat iron to manage their wavy hair and combat frizz; others think that they already have straight hair, and flat iron can give them a structure.

If you want to maintain your curl pattern and enhance the curls, it is essential to find out if you have naturally curly hair.

How To Find Out If You Have Natural Curly Hair

The best time to know if you have curly hair is when they are healthy and not treated with any type of hair dye or styling tool. Under such conditions, the result may be inaccurate.

Wondering about your hair type is the first clue that you have a textured hair pattern. To process further, check your hair when they are wet but uncombed. If you see curls and waves forming with bends and ringlets, the chances are your hair is textured.

Checking if after combing may give incorrect results as combing straightens the wet hair and makes them elongated.
Secondly, let your hair air dry with no products and styling tools. Once the hair gets dry, examine the hair pattern. In some people, hair basically looks straight, but under sections, they have slight bends, twists, and waves. Some may observe straight hair towards the end and wavy closer to the scalp. You can also check your hairline to see if it has developed small ringlets.

If you observe more rings, curls, and waves in your hair pattern, the chances are you have curly and wavy hair.

Other Ways To Tell If You Have Curly Hair

Do You Often Get Dry And Frizzy Hair?

If your hair becomes frizzy when dry, you may have wavy and curly hair, even though most of it looks straight. However, it could be a sign of damage too. In such cases, opt for hair care products and techniques that are less damaging.

Do You Often Use A Flat Iron Or Think Your Hair Needs Keratin Treatment?

If flat iron or hair straightener is your go-to tool and your hairstylist often recommends getting a keratin treatment, you probably have wavy or curly hair. In such cases, stop using heat styling techniques and chemical products for hair.

Sings Telling That You Have Curly Hair

There are many tell-tale signs of how to tell if you have curly hair. These signs helped more than 65% of women to know their hair type.

Hair Develops Volume In Humid Weather

Frizz happens when the hair strands are so dehydrated that they reach out to the atmosphere to absorb moisture. It happens with curly hair when the weather is rainy, foggy, or just damp. When the cuticle is not well hydrated and moisturized, they swell, creating more volume and difficulty to manage.

Wet Hair Forms Waves And Ringlets Naturally

Water resets the hair to its natural state. So, after coming from the shower, if you experience your wet hair forming waves or curls, you probably are a curly girl.

You Often Experience Frizz And Static

Treating naturally wavy or curly hair as straight makes them dehydrated. It causes extreme frizz. Curly hair needs more hydration than straight hair to make it look healthy and happy. If you have used plenty of frizz-fighting products with no results, it could be because you have curly hair.

Hair Remains Curly For Many Days

If you curl your hair with a styling tool and they remain curly for many days, it indicates that they want to remain curly. 

Now that you know how to find out if you have curly hair, it’s time to check and use the right hair care products.

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