How To Use Mousse To Curl Hair

How To Use Mousse To Curl Hair

Hair is our crowning glory. Present at the top of our body, they are equivalent to a crown and can change our appearance for good.

Different hair care products help to intensify how the hair looks. One such product is hair mousse, and people swear by its results.

If you are unaware of hair mousse and how it works on curly hair, fret not. This article will tell you all about hair mousse and how to use mousse to curl hair to amplify its beauty.

What Is Hair Mousse?

Hair Mousse is a hair care product that helps you build gravity-defying hair volume and keep styled curls lustrous and smooth. They add definition and shape to curls by providing hold to the hairstyle and texture to the strands.

Since multiple types of hair mousse are available in the market, you can choose the right one to define, style, and embrace the curls and coils of your hair.

Now that you know the function of hair mousse let’s find out how to use mousse to curl hair and make them gravity-defying.

How To Apply Mousse Like A Pro To Curl Hair

Mousse comes to the rescue when you are styling your hair without a heat styling tool. If you know how to use it correctly, there will be no going back to the heating tools. It will help you attain bouncy hair full of texture and style.

1. Clean Hair

The first step to start with mousse is cleaning the hair. It is essential that the hair are free of dirt and grime to get the most out of hair mousse.

Use a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that boosts hair strands and makes them look denser and fuller.

2. Wring Out Hair

Squeezing the excess water gently out of the hair is the next step. Do not rub the hair vigorously with a towel as it may break the hair cuticles, making them dry and dull. Instead, use a soft cotton towel and pat your hair dry.

If your hair is already curly or wavy, using a microfiber towel will help. It is extra soft and stays gentle on curls.

3. Mousse Application

Now is the time to apply hair mousse. Take a small quantity of mousse and apply it gently on your damp hair using your fingers.

While applying mousse, remember that less is more. It means you don’t need to use it excessively to get the desired curls or volume. Concentrate on applying the product to your roots.

Once you have applied enough, let the mousse air dry and show its magic. If you want a more styled look, a blow dryer will help. Make sure you use a hair protectant before blow drying.

4. Use The Right Blow Dryer

A diffuser will work wonders for curls and prevent the strands from straightening. Now grab a round brush and gently pull hair upwards while blow drying. It will lift the hair from the roots, giving extra volume and definition to the curls.

If you are not using a blow dryer or diffuser this time, start to fluff your hair with the mousse from the nape of your neck, working up toward the scalp.

If you want smooth and defined locks, seal the ends of your curls with a styling tool. However, if more volume is intended, tease the roots upwards with the mousse.

Now, to get perfect curls, dry and style the hair as desired.

Drying Hair With Mousse

When you have applied hair mousse, you can use two different hair drying techniques– air drying and blow drying.
Air drying- It helps to give shiny and well-defined curls. The mousse will ensure a lightweight hold beneath the roots, resulting in juicy and silky curls.

Blow drying- If you are looking for more intense curls with major fullness, blow drying will help tremendously. Blow out the locks with a diffuser attachment and obtain well-conditioned, voluminous curls.

Who Should Use Curl Mousse?

No specific criterion makes you eligible for using curl mousse. This versatile product can be used to style or curl sizes. It can be used on all hair types to give them volume and texture.

Mousse can be used for the following purposes-

  • To condition and hold twists or rod sets
  • Build sleek box braids
  • Tease tight coils
  • Create dramatic height

Final words

Now that you know how to use mousse to curl hair, you can use it to perfect your curl patterns dramatically. The mousse will help you define and embrace the curls even more. Moreover, it is one of those hair products that can be used irrespective of your hair pattern. Use it wisely and properly to accentuate your hair’s beauty.

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