10 Epic Characters You'll Find at Every Indian Wedding!


Source: Canva

#1. The Foodie 

Always first in line at the buffet, this person's mission is to try every dish, from appetizers to desserts.

#2. The Fashionista 

Dressed to impress, this individual turns heads with their stunning outfits and accessories.

#3. The Dance Floor Diva 

With moves that could rival a Bollywood star, this person owns the dance floor all night long.

#4. The Social Butterfly  

Making friends with everyone, this person knows how to work the room and keep the conversation flowing.

#5. The Photographer 

Armed with their smartphone or DSLR, this shutterbug captures every moment, from candid shots to posed portraits.

#6. The Traditionalist 

Keeping customs and rituals alive, this person ensures that traditional ceremonies are respected and followed.

#7. The Matchmaker 

Always on the lookout for potential matches, this person plays cupid at every opportunity.

#8. The Complainer 

From the weather to the seating arrangements, this person finds something to grumble about at every turn.

#9.The Family Historian  

Armed with stories of generations past, this person keeps the family history alive through anecdotes and memories.

#10. The Party Animal 

With boundless energy and enthusiasm, this person ensures that the celebrations never lose momentum.