Master the Art of Saree Draping: A Step-by-Step Guide

Video: Canva


Select a saree of your choice, considering the occasion and your personal style. Ensure that the saree's length matches your height, as this will affect the final look.

#Step 1 Choose the Right Saree:

Gather the necessary accessories, including a well-fitted blouse, petticoat (underskirt), safety pins, and a decorative waistband (optional)

#Step 2 Gather Your Essentials:

Put on the petticoat and adjust it to your waistline. Ensure that it's tied securely to prevent any mishaps while draping the saree.

#Step 3 Wear the Petticoat:

Start by tucking one end of the saree into the petticoat, making sure the lower border touches the floor. Tuck it in fully, ensuring a snug fit around the waist.

#Step 4 Tuck in the Saree: 

Hold the remaining length of the saree and make 5-7 pleats, depending on your comfort and the saree's fabric. Keep the pleats even and crisp.

#Step 5 Make Pleats: 

Arrange the pleats neatly, ensuring they face towards the left. Adjust the width of the pleats according to your preference, keeping them uniform.

#Step 6 Arrange the Pleats: 

Take the remaining fabric (pallu) and drape it over your left shoulder, allowing it to fall gracefully. Adjust the length of the pallu as per your preference, letting it hang loosely or pinning it up for a more structured look.

#Step 7 Drape the Pallu: 

Tuck the pleats into the petticoat, slightly towards the left of your navel. Ensure that the pleats are flat and secure.

#Step 8 Tuck in the Pleats:

Use safety pins to secure the pleats and pallu in place, especially at key points like the shoulder and waist. Make sure the pins are hidden for a seamless finish.

#Step 9 Secure with Pins:

Smooth out any wrinkles and adjust the saree to ensure a perfect drape. Pay attention to the pleats, pallu, and overall symmetry.

#Step 10 Final Touches: