Side Effects Of Jeera Water (Cumin Seed Water)



There are chances of your blood sugar levels lowering due to the use of cumin. You need to be extra cautious while using cumin if you have diabetes.


While going through the benefits of cumin, you would notice that they are quite effective in providing relief from gastric problems but it is also quite surprising to find out that cumin can cause heartburn.

Liver Damage

This side effect of liver damage occurs only when there is excess consumption of cumin. Along with damage to your liver, there are also possibilities of damage to your kidneys.

Heavy Menstrual Cycle

Remember that we had mentioned bleeding disorders as one of the side effects? Well, one of the bleeding disorder is a heavy menstrual cycle.


Were you aware that one of the reasons for low production of milk in lactating mothers was the excessive consumption of cumin?


It is advised that people who are already facing skin allergies should monitor how much cumin they are ingesting so that allergies and rashes don’t get aggravated more.

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Top 12 Side Effects Of Jeera Water (Cumin Seeds) You Need to Know