The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick


Determine Your Skin Undertone

Identify whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones.


Consider Your Skin Tone

Fair skin tones look stunning with true reds and pinkish-reds, while medium skin tones can pull off deeper reds with berry undertones. Darker skin tones shine with deep, rich reds and brick reds.


Start with a Classic

Begin your search with a classic, universally flattering red lipstick like a true red shade with neutral undertones.


Experiment with Undertones

 If you have warm undertones, try orange-based reds like coral or tomato reds.


Consider the Finish

Choose a finish that matches your style and occasion. Matte red lipsticks provide a bold, long-lasting look.


Test and Swatch

Visit makeup counters or beauty stores to swatch different shades on your wrist or directly on your lips.


Check for Pigmentation

Look for red lipsticks that have good color payoff and buildable pigmentation.


Consider Comfort and Longevity

Pay attention to the lipstick's formula. Opt for moisturizing or hydrating formulas if you have dry lips.


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How to Choose the Right Lipstick for Your Skin Tone?