Winged Eyeliner Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Flawless Perfection


1. Essential Tools and Products

Discover the must-have tools and products for achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look.

2. Know Your Eye Shape

Understanding your eye shape is crucial when creating winged eyeliner that complements your eyes.

3. Prep and Prime

Prepping your eyelids is a vital step to ensure your winged eyeliner stays put throughout the day.

4. The Basic Line

Mastering the foundation of winged eyeliner is key. We'll guide you through drawing a straight.

5. The Flick Technique

Achieving that perfect winged flick can be the most challenging part.

6. Correcting Mistakes

 Learn how to correct and clean up smudges or uneven lines without starting over.

7. Customizing the Wing

Discover how to customize the winged eyeliner to suit your style.

8. Lower Lash Line Wing

Take your winged eyeliner game to the next level by adding a lower lash line wing.

9. Finishing Touches

Complete your winged eyeliner masterpiece with essential finishing touches.

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