Here Are Best Yoga Poses for a Slim Waist


Seated Twist Pose

Seated twist pose loosens the waist making it flexible which prepares it for more technical poses. It is an extreme tight waist yoga pose specifically for those who have large waists. 

High to Low Boat Pose

It’s an abdominal and hip flexor yoga pose for strengthening the abs and lower abdomen which involves the full engagement of the core. It promotes digestion by stimulating the digestion enzymes.

Knee to Elbow Pose

Plank knee to elbow contractions makes the core muscles stronger. It is a strength builder pose for your obliges that is more advanced.

Down Dog Hip Rolls

It is also a hip flex or yoga pose that cuts the fats and boosting the flexibly of waist muscles. The rolls are good for stimulating the blood floor and strengthening the whole body.

Utkatasana Twist

Utkatasana plays a major role towards elimination of waste products from the inner body tissues and increasing the body strength. Utkatasana is a twisted chair yoga pause for hip positioning and weight reduction.

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Yoga for Slim Waist: 7 Best Yoga Poses To Slim Your Waist