Yoga for Slim Waist: 7 Best Yoga Poses To Slim Your Waist

yoga for slim waist

Body maintenance in terms of shape and weight is very fundamental to your health. The combination of various yoga poses and taking a balanced diet impacts quickly in shaping the body. Yoga poses will help you attain the desirable wait diameter that will leave you happy. Apparently, some studies have revealed that 95% of those attending yoga consistently in the US and UK eventually end up attaining the desired waist size of their choice. The 100% mark can be attained provided yogis will adhere strictly to yoga exercises. So if you fall in the category of those individuals who are being disadvantaged by having an extra large waist and fear is developing in you, then relax because this platform informs you about the yoga poses for a smaller waist.

7 Best Yoga Poses To Slim Your Waist

1. Seated Twist Pose

seated twist pose for slim waist

It is an extreme tight waist yoga pose specifically for those who have large waists.

How to do:

  • Position a chair on a stable level surface and sit on it taking its shape.
  • Set your legs closely and let the feet step on the surface too.
  • Hold each side of your waist with your hands and release your body slowly towards the right waist until the shoulders are at the right angle to space between the legs.
  • Fall back and turn to the other side.

Benefits: Seated twist pose loosens the waist making it flexible which prepares it for more technical poses.

2. High to Low Boat Pose

high to low boat pose for slim waist

It’s an abdominal and hip flexor yoga pose for strengthening the abs and lower abdomen which involves the full engagement of the core.

How to do:

  • Sit on the floor and spread your hands slight but straight towards the side of the legs.
  • Straighten the legs and start lifting then slowly ensuring the core is fully engaged.
  • Move your back backwards and start bending it slowly towards the legs until a V-shaped figure is attained.

How it Benefits: It promotes digestion by stimulating the digestion enzymes.

3. Knee to Elbow Pose

knee to elbow yoga pose for slim waist

It is a strength builder pose for your obliges that is more advanced.

How to do:

  • Position your body in a push-up manner with both the palms and tiptoes on the floor.
  • Move back your hands slightly behind your shoulders level with the head pointing forward.
  • Start by be doing the left foot at the knee and engage the core to move it towards the elbow until they touch each other.
  • Maintain your position after a deep in-out breath before falling back.

How it Benefits: Plank knee to elbow contractions makes the core muscles stronger.

4. Forearm Plank Hip

forearm plank hip for slim waist

It’s a fat burning yoga pose across the hips that involves supporting the body with the forearms.

How to do:

  • Set your body in a plank position with the legs straight and close.
  • Maintain your face down and move either of your legs to the corresponding elbow one at a time.

How it Benefits: Builds the core stability. It energizes both the abs and arms.

5. Down Dog Hip Rolls

Down Dog Hip Rolls

It is also a hip flex or yoga pose that cuts the fats and boosting the flexibly of waist muscles.

How to do:

  • Take the down dog position and move your hands slight past your ears and the fingers rolled away from the ears.
  • Ensure the back is aligned with tailbone and the head.
  • Raise your hips by moving your feet towards the abdomen you can choose to lift one leg straight upwards to the same level position with your back.
  • Inhale and rest while at this position for a while.

Benefits: The rolls are good for stimulating the blood floor and strengthening the whole body.

6. Utkatasana Twist

revolved chair pose for slim waist

Utkatasana is a twisted chair yoga pause for hip positioning and weight reduction. It requires extra stability and balance.

How to do:

  • Stand still and take inhale deeply with your legs joined.
  • Bend the knees towards the back while pushing the hips slowly back and down to a chair pose with hands in a prayer pose.
  • Begin by twisting towards the left wing with the left shoulder leading until. Note that only the upper body moves.

How it Benefits: Utkatasana plays a major role towards elimination of waste products from the inner body tissues and increasing the body strength.

7. Revolved Half Moon Pose

revolved half moon pose for slim waist

It is one of the most challenging peak yoga poses that transitions you to the more advanced poses. It contains various stylistic transitions of the waist and other body parts.

How to do:

  • Take the shape of a half moon with the palm of the left hand touching the floor and the right foot on the floor too.
  • Straighten your right hand and start moving the upper part of your waist towards the left wing.
  • Pause for a while when the right-hand touches the floor.

How it Benefits: Turning inner organs massages them, therefore, increasing their flexibility.

Always focus while attending yoga exercises so that you can up your self-esteem when you doesn’t have to worry any more about your waist size and shape.

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