Yoga Poses for Beginners – 10 Basic Yoga Asanas(Poses) and Tips

yoga poses for beginners

There are particular yoga poses for newbies that will motivate them further and introduce them to the most technical yoga styles. The recent statistics from the United States reveal that about 44% of the adults are aspiring to join yoga while a further 36 million people join yoga yearly in the UK which means they require motivation in order to get absorbed in the yoga industry.

10 Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

For beginners, some of the yoga poses might actually prove to be so challenging and in most occasions, they discourage such individuals from engaging in such activities. Newbies require some form of encouragement which will enable them to get more dedicated while they are being introduced to yoga. Below are the best top ten yoga poses for beginners.

Mountain Pose

mountain pose for beginners

This perhaps the simplest yoga pose ever since it is less involving and therefore easy. No tricks are involved either. It is also called tadasana.

How to do:

  • Stand upright while the legs are close to each other leaving the arms hanging freely down to the thighs.
  • Try digging into the surface you are standing on by exerting some pressure on it using the tiptoes.
  • Try lifting your body using the quadriceps starting from the knees all way up to the thighs.
  • Expand your abdomen by exhaling and inhaling deeply while at the same time pushing down your shoulders.
  • Concentrate fully and imagine something moving from the toes to the head and then inhale deeply.

How it benefits:

  • Deep breathing involved triggers effective blood flow in the body.
  • Lifting the body mass using the tiptoes strengthens the tendons and ligaments of the feet.

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Tree Pose

tree pose for beginners

Probably, this is the main balancing yoga pose that applies both for newbies and the experienced ones in this field. It is however very interesting.

How to do:

  • Stand straight, raise your left leg and step on the right thigh while maintaining your balance.
  • Breath in deeply while at the same time lifting your arms up past the head then join the palms.
  • Remain in this position whole holding tour breath for some seconds before relieving your self.
  • Repeat once more but this time using the right foot.

How it benefits:

  • Tree pose challenges the newbies in developing and establishing the body balance.
  • It also strengthens both the back muscles and the legs while it is supporting the whole body.

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Downward Facing Dog Pose

downward facing dog for beginners

It’s one of the yoga poses that simply requires individuals to get on their fours.

How to do:

  • Simply start by getting on your fours with shoulders positioned right above the wrists.
  • Likewise, hips should be above the knees.
  • Move the arms slightly in front of the shoulders and lift the hips upwards.
  • Move the hips back and forth stretching the chest to move in the same direction.
  • At this stage, you can also move the arms inwards towards the knees while bending the elbows to face each other.


  • It strengthens the whole body.
  • The body becomes more flexible when stretched.

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trikonasana for beginners

Unlike other yoga poses, it requires an individual to keep their eyes open. It mainly maintains the body balance.

How to do:

  • Stretch the left leg to about 90while the right foot at 45 Press the ground tight enough using your toes to avoid any movements and start bending towards the left wing.
  • Always ensure that only the hips are moving.
  • Touch the floor using the left arm and maintain that position for some minutes before turning to the other side.
  • The free arm should always remain raised verticals above the one touching the floor.


  • It tones the whole body.
  • Then the waist gets stretched thereby making it more flexible.
  • It also widens and opens the lungs.

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Plank Pose

plank pose for beginners

It is the balancing and strengthening style which prepares an individual for oncoming technical poses.

How to do:

  • Bend down touching the ground with both the hands and the legs.
  • Pull the legs back until the body attains a straight figure then start by pushing the chest down and upwards severally.
  • Lift your body up and hold your breath after inhaling deeply.
  • Then stand down after some second before going on a second round.


  • It helps the body to balance.
  • Plank pose strengthens the abdomen.

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Seated Forward Bend

seated forward bend for beginners

It is also the most relaxing yoga pose that stretches the hip joints. More importantly, it teaches learners how to open the body and managing to breathe in difficult postures.

How to do:

  • Tightly sit on a flat surface ensuring both legs are close together.
  • Bend forward moving the chest towards the thighs.


  • It usually relieves the abdominal pains.
  • It also makes the waist more flexible.

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Chair Pose

chair pose for beginners

It is one particular yoga pause that strengthens both the lower part of the body and the core.

How to do:

  • Start by lifting both hands vertically above the head with the legs slightly apart.
  • Take a deep breath and start moving your pelvic region downwards until you a attain that sitting position.
  • Maintain your posture while ate this position for some time until you feel the weight.


  • It makes both the legs and arms muscles stronger.
  • It stimulates and energizes the mind.

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Warrior Pose

warrior pose for beginners

It is a standing posture which needs an individuals strength, flexibility and balance which usually keeps the body ready for backbends is commonly referred to as a worrier pose.

How to do:

  • Just take a big step backwards using your right foot and make the left foot lunge.
  • Adjust the direction of the left foot and make it face downwards while the toes maintaining their forward position.
  • Raise your arms up and beyond the head and the same time pushing your chest upwards.

Benefits: Virabhadrasana builds the stamina, therefore, increasing the body strength.

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Bridge Pose

bridge pose for beginners

It is a more versatile yoga pose for backbend that can be performed in various ways.

How to do:

  • Simply lie down on your back and open the legs a little bit.
  • Start lifting your butt upwards with the head and the arms still Down on the floor.
  • Make sure the feet doesn’t move. You can choose to hold the hands or not.

Benefits: Bridge pose mainly strengthens the spine and the back making them flexible and strong.

Yoga poses for beginners are very essential in preparing them to face the most advanced pose techniques.

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