35 Benefits of Bikram Yoga

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Bikram yoga is other than normal yoga which was introduced by Bikram Chaudhary in ancient days and today this hot yoga has decently paved its own way in the health and beauty regime. Bikram yoga has 26 postures which include two to be breathing exercise and they are mostly performed in the temperature of 40 degree Celsius. According to Bikram yoga, the postures offered by this course cannot be taught by any normal person who is not authorised. The teachers and trainers need proper training and they undergo special teaching classes to get a complete knowledge about Bikram yoga. We have brought some benefits of Bikram yoga over health and beauty which will let us know what makes this type of hot yoga so special and valuable.

35 Benefits of Bikram Yoga

1. Ease to handle the heat

Bikram yoga is usually done in a room with temperature of 40 degree Celsius and it is as long as 90 minutes, which becomes uncomfortable for each and every person to stay there. After few minutes your body starts sweating, you feel dizzy, you feel thirsty and what not. Bikram yoga teaches you to handle heat in this uncomfortably by simply closing the mouth and breathing through nose.

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2. Improves breathing

Working in this hot environment leads to various problem, but all you need to do it easily handle the situation by concentrating on the postures and by breathing through nose. This helps to improve breathing for people who fall out of breathes.

3. Flexibility

The rest postures of the Bikram yoga helps to increase the flexibility in the body. It included stretching of hands and legs that in in the hot boiled room, this makes the movements more intense and you are concentrated too.

4. Improves nervous system

Hot yoga helps to improve the nervous system of the body. Bikram yoga is a practise which goes hand in hand with the nervous system and is practised from ancient times to keep it stable.

5. Improves immunity

Hot yoga forces you to be there for exactly 90 minutes and this is challenging task for many. Practising hot yoga in morning helps to improve the immunity in a person and also helps a person store the required heat in the body.

6. Cleans your skin

The most obvious part of this yoga is it makes you perspire a lot. As a result, it helps to flush the dirt and germ forming layers over the body. It helps you to give radiant skin, as sweat in the form of water carries away the unwanted and heavy metals on the skin.

7. Keeps you hydrated

The more you practise Bikram yoga, the more you feel thirty. This automatically makes you drink more water than usual. A proper balance of water in the body will keep you feel hydrated and ensures the wellbeing.

8. Prevents asthma problems

An asthma problem is mostly related to unusual and short breathing of a person. Bikram yoga specialises in two breathing exercise and you don’t need to specialise the entire pose, but surely practise the lenient breathing exercise. This will slowly help you to treat the asthma attacks.

9. Reduces wrinkles on face

It is due to sweat and keeping your hydrated, comparatively there are fewer chances of any anti-aging signs on the face. Bikram yoga helps to make your skin look youthful, radiant and also reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

10. Open the pores

The steam in the room helps to open the clogged pores on the face. This will create a self confidence in yourself that you are sweating now and then and this will surely make your face look glowing. Closed pores are the key to get fresh looking face.

11. Reduces acne

The chief element which contributes to acne on the face is clogged pores which are usually due to dust and dirt accumulated on them. Once the steam allows opening the clogged pores, it definitely reduces the risk of popping acne on face.

12. Resistance to hunger

Religiously following Bikram yoga every day for 90 minutes can help to create a self-resistance in a person’s body to hunger. You automatically feel stomach filled and chose to be on liquids.

13. Strict diets

Few hours before and few hours after you have to strongly control your urge to spicy, oily, any dips with potatoes. As according to Bikram yoga, you can drink juices, water, fruits,and oats with fresh fruits few hours later of Bikram yoga.

14. Aids sound sleep

Just like other yoga, Bikram yoga also induces deeper sleep in you. It helps to lower down the hormonal imbalance at night and also aids a sound sleep at night. According to research, than rest normal yoga, Bikram yoga helps to aid sounder and deeper sleep.

15. Makes you feel stress free

Hot yoga is a way to feel stress free and relieving your stress through this way is a fun. It helps to calm you’re your mind and senses and also make you feel confident and self-esteemed.

16. Controls unusual heart beat

Many people have heart beat counts faster than the usually beat count of a person. Bikram yoga helps to control the heartbeat and also make them beat in normal pace rate.

17. Not to be late

The golden rule of Bikram yoga is reaching the place 20 minutes ago, so that you get time to dress up and get ready for the hot session. If you are late, you have probably landed yourself in some common goof ups.

18. Treats acute dryness

Bikram yoga helps to keep you hydrated and also your skin. It helps to treat acute dryness on skin which is common problem between people who drink less water or the skin does not produce natural oil to keep the skin well nourished.

19. Improves focus

Various poses of Bikram yoga like triangle pose or balancing stick helps to improve focus of the person. Focusing continuously for 90 minutes, results in improved focus and concentration throughout the day.

20. Make better decision

Researches have proven people practising Bikram yoga are able to make better decision like any other practises. It helps to make perfect decision in their real life and also enable them to think again on the decision.

21. Stimulates Brain functioning

It sometime happens; brain issues are disabling functions which results in lower concentration and IQ level. Bikram yoga helps to stimulate the brain functioning of a person and have claimed to promise better functioning of brain.

22. Handle the low sides of life

Bikram yoga is a long session of 90 minutes under the heated room of 40 degree Celsius, which makes a person enable to handle the heat and bear it for some time. Indirectly, Bikram yoga helps to make you more stable and prepared in the life decision which enables you to handle the lower sides of the life very well.

23. Tones your butt

A hot yoga for a hot body? Perfect combination. Bikram yoga helps to tone your butts on regular practise. Remember that you properly stretch the muscles of the body which enables to cut down the extra fats easily.

24. Trims belly fat

There is unspoken rule of judgement over the dimensions of the body. Bellies tend to attract fat rapidly and do not get cuts down easily. Bikram yoga is a boon which helps to cut down the fat easily due to the over exaggerating exercise in the very hot room.

25. Weight regulation

Bikram yoga keeps a constant check on your weight. This is boon to both the categories of people- one who are overweight and the other one who are under weight. Bikram yoga helps to regulate the weight of the body according to his age and height.

26. Secretes oil from hard pores

The pores on skin secret oils which does not leak out easily but are closed in the pores. This leads to acnes and boils on the face. Just like the process of steaming which you usually tend to do while getting a facial, Bikram yoga helps to benefit you with the identical assistance. It helps to secret the oil behind the hard pores and makes them feel free.

27. Helps Skin to breathe

The biggest advantage of this hot yoga is the temperature around you. Steam in many ways in useful for the skin. The heat around the room helps to vacuum out the dust which gets washed away in the form of water through sweat. This enables skin to breathe freely.

28. Supple body

The heat allows the body to be more smooth and supple. Now you don’t need to hit a saloon and spend lots of money to get a smooth and supple body. Bikram yoga helps to benefit you with many advantages along with supple body.

29. Increases coordination

Bikram yoga includes exercise like the tree pose, camel pose, bow pose and many more. During all these exercise, it needs the coordination of all the parts of the body and also helps to maintain the balance.

30. Balanced body

Due to various balancing exercise included in Bikram yoga, it tend to give you a balance body. This makes you feel light weighted physically and independent mentally.

31. Exhales the toxins from the body

The last exercise in the Bikram yoga is a breathing exercise which helps to exhale out the toxins from the body, helps you to stay cooler and also increases the blood circulation.

32. Proper functioning of kidneys

Head to knee pose with stretching pose helps to proper functioning of kidneys which also results in improved digestion. Improved digestion helps in relief chronic diarrhoea.

33. Stretches the thyroid

One of the exercises in Bikram yoga includes camel yoga, which helps to stretch the thyroid gland and the throat. Due to its maximum compression on the spine, it helps to improve neck and relief headaches.

34. Improves menstrual cramps

Cobra pose helps to increase spinal and back bone relief. It also helps to improve menstrual cramps by inducing proper blood circulation throughout the body.

35. Tightens thigh muscles:

Bikram yoga helps to tighten the thigh muscles also improves the body posture. Standing bow pulling pose helps to tighten the thigh muscles.

 Precautions to be taken

• There are times when you are not able to take up the heat in the room. Dizziness, drenching, running to washrooms, headaches is some of the symptoms.
• Pregnant ladies are not allowed to practise Bikram yoga as the heat is not comfortable for the health of the pregnant lady and also the small child.
• People with high blood or low pressure should take this in a gentle way and if you feel any of the symptoms that you are not able to take up the heat, you should immediately stop it.
• However, Bikram yoga is idol for all the people ranging from children to oldies.

26 postures of Bikram yoga are as follows

1. Standing Deep Breathing
2. Half-Moon Pose with Hands to Feet Pose
3. Awkward Pose
4. Eagle
5. Standing Head To Knee Pose
6. Standing Bow Pulling Pose
7. Balancing Stick Pose
8. Standing separate Leg Stretching Pose
9. Triangle Pose
10. Standing Separate Leg head to Knee Pose
11. Tree Pose
12. Toe Stand Pose
13. Dead Body Pose
14. Wind Removing Pose
15. Sit up
16. Cobra Pose
17. Locust Pose
18. Full Locust Pose
19. Bow Pose
20. Fixed Firm Pose
21. Half Tortoise Pose
22. Camel pose
23. Rabbit pose
24. Head to knee pose with stretching
25. Spine twisting pose
26. Blowing in firm pose

Many of them called Bikram yoga as a torture session due to its atmosphere and a long session of sensing heat for 90 minutes, which feels to be more than a 3 hour. Most of them fail to sit and practise yoga completely for 90 minutes; however who have practised is surely benefited with the benefits.

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