12 Side Effects Of Wheatgrass You Should Be Aware of

wheatgrass side effects

We all know that when toxins build up in our body, they cause several health problems that perturb us with how did we develop this problem. Wheat grass, as many of us know helps in detoxifying our body and keeping it healthier in a lot of ways. In the beginning, detoxification can seem to have certain effects which we might end up terming as harmful and we may quit the detoxification all together.

But to eliminate the toxins that have gathered up in our body we resort to detoxification agents such as wheat grass. It is also widely prescribed and has been popularized by Ayurveda practitioners everywhere. Hence, many people end up using it without getting to know the probable side effects and then feel disgruntled when they feel the symptoms of those side effects.

Wheatgrass Side Effects

Let’s briefly discuss the side effects of wheat grass here and empower ourselves about the complete knowledge on this wonder grass.

Since, it is indigestible for our body in its raw, natural form, it is generally consumed in the form of a juice. We can extract the juice ourselves if we have grown our own wheatgrass which is the ideal thing to do. But these day, even several FMCG brands are marketing their processed wheatgrass juice which is available in a ready to drink form. It is less advisable to consume as it may contain preservatives or chemicals about which we may not know anything.

1. Headache

Some of the people who consumed wheat grass juice have been said to have reported suffering from headaches. It happens in case the wheatgrass was contaminated by a mold and it could not be completely washed off before the juice was extracted from the wheatgrass.(1)

2. Nausea

Some users who have just started using wheat grass juice may complain of nausea. It could possibly be because of the strong taste or some unknown reasons. In you happen to suffer from such a problem then you should first try reducing the quantity of juice that you are consuming and if that is of little help then try stopping wheat grass altogether. If you still don’t get relief after you have stopped using it completely, then it would be advisable to consult a doctor.(2)

Patients of gluten intolerance must be extra cautious while consuming wheat grass related products. Wheat grass is itself gluten free but there always exists a possibility that it might have been contaminated by wheat kernels during the process of harvesting or processing. So, for such people it is best if they grow their own wheat grass and consume it only after harvesting it themselves. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure.”(3)

4. Allergy Symptoms

At times, people suffer from certain allergic symptoms such as facial swelling and the throat becoming swollen. These could possibly be because the body is allergic to certain components of wheat grass juice. If that is the case, it should not be consumed as we do not want any side effects.

We have seen the side effects of wheat grass and can be well aware of anything that we might have to face if our body reacts adversely to wheat grass. If the reaction is severe, it is advisable to avoid wheat grass and if the symptoms are of early detoxification, it should not worry us much. We hope this information comes in handy for you.(4)

5. Diarrhea

Wheat grass, being a grass is very difficult to digest for the human digestive system. In some cases, people may experience diarrhea when they start taking wheat grass juice. In that case, if the problem does not subside, it would be advisable to not consume wheat grass juice.

6. Loss of Appetite

It is believed that in some people, wheat grass juice has caused a significant loss in appetite. Though it is useful for those wishing to shed a few kilos, but for the general populace it becomes a cause of worry. Nevertheless, the sudden loss in appetite after you started taking wheat grass is not because of some health issue but is absolutely normal.

7. Constipation

In some people, if the digestive system does not react positively to wheat grass juice, it may cause not just diarrhea, as explained above, but also constipation. In this case too, it might only be either that our system is taking a while to digest or that it is not able to tolerate it at all.

8. Irritability

In the beginning, the process of detoxification with not just wheat grass juice but any detox agent can cause irritable behavior to an extent in many people. It only happens in the beginning and does not warrant any worry.

9. Fatigue

Initially, you could experience a bit of fatigue during detoxification, but again this also should not worry you as it is completely natural. It will go away in a couple of days.

10. Mild fever – Coughing – Nasal Congestion

All these symptoms of mild fever, cough, congested nose and symptoms similar to fibromyalgia are normal when the body starts expelling the toxins and feels a bit of burden of the task of detoxifying.

11. Rashes

People who might be allergic to wheat grass and are unaware of it might develop rashes on their skin. If leaving wheat grass juice helps in calming the situation down, its good, else it would be best to consult the doctor to find out the probable cause.

12. Teeth Getting Stained

The colour of wheat grass juice can sometimes cause staining of teeth which should not be a cause of any worry. To remove the discoloration, it is advisable to brush you teeth as soon as you have consumed wheat grass juice.

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