Best Yoga Poses That Improve Your Sex Life

Yoga Poses That Improve Your Sex Life

Considering the work burden in day to day life, it is necessary to do yoga exercise daily. People struggle every day of their lives to work hard leaving no time to relax. The relation between you and your partner is becoming more stressful just because of exhaustion and stress. This stress and exertion is directly affecting the sexual relationship between partners. If this is the reason for your trouble in the relationship, then yoga classes are the answers to your problems. Yoga is a natural way to improve your sex life and you can regain better sexual relation with your partners. Practicing yoga every day keeps your mind calm and you become focused and attentive towards your work and personal life.

There are a number of advantages from yoga as it improves your body structures along with increasing your blood circulation. It helps connect both physically and mentally with your partners hence leading to better sex life.

What Yoga Improve Your Sexual Life?

  • It helps to enhance flexibility
  • Keeps the body healthy and brings confidence
  • It increase libido easily
  • Helps to boost your sexual stamina

There are various steps of yoga positions that are amazing and will provide a healthy lifestyle and help you cope with the active environment around you.

Chair Pose Yoga

  • This great pose of yoga is used as Kegel exercise and it helps to make strong sexual drive and improve the health of sexual organs.

Squat Pose Yoga

  • This perfect squat pose of yoga connects your abdominal parts and it promotes your sex glands and tempers.

Cobra Pose

  • Cobra pose is an amazing yoga pose that widens your sex organs and also amplifies blood circulations to the reproductive organs.

Seated Wide-Legged Straddle

  • This best Seated Wide-Legged Straddle pose enhances libido and makes you stress free as well as intensifies energy levels by circulating blood flow to the pelvic areas.

Breathing Pose

Breathing fast helps to lessen your tensions and protects the cortex of brains. When you think more and get tensed, this yoga pose will help eliminate negative energy and sharpens your brains. It helps to activate your sex hormones easily and instantly. Thus, the above yoga poses must help you to get sexual pleasures what you exactly expect from your partners. If you are feeling very low in sex life and not getting interested in having sex with your partner, then use these above yoga techniques and surely these will be useful for you.

How to do Yoga to Improve Your Sexual Life

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

How to do:

  • Lie down on your stomach
  • Place your hands under your shoulder
  • Palms facing down
  • Elbows parallel and close to your body
  • Now slowly get up till your chest level
  • Inhale deeply while getting up
  • You can feel a stretch near your stomach region
  • It is basically stretching but in the opposite direction
  • Look up while in this position and slowly inhale and exhale
  • Remain like this for 10 -15 breathes
  • Then slowly exhale and come back to your original position
  • Repeat 5-8 times


  1. Improves flow of blood to the lower level
  2. Activates the Plexus chakra which is important for releasing sexual desires
  3. Good for your spine
  4. Stimulates the sexual organs

Upavistha Konasana or the Wide Legged Straddle Pose

Upavistha Konasana

How to do:

  • Sit up straight
  • Spread your legs as wide as possible
  • Be comfortable
  • Putting pressure on your thighs, bend forward as far as possible
  • If you are not comfortable, you can just spread your legs and sit straight


  1. Stretches your inner thighs
  2. Improves blood flow in the groin region

Padmasana or Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose
  • Sit cross legged
  • If you can try and keep one leg on top of the other thigh
  • You just can sit crossed leg if you are not comfortable
  • Place your hands on your knees
  • Connect your thumb finger and your middle finger. That completes a chakra
  • Breath in and out deeply and slowly
  • You can sit like this as long as you want


  1. Improves hip and thigh flexibility
  2. Calms you down
  3. Makes you more aware of your surrounding.

Yoga helps to balance your lifestyle and provides peaceful and stress free life. Your mind will be relaxed and calm; your sexual drive is automatically increased. The entire magic of yoga is that it connects your body with your minds spiritually and emotionally.

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