7 Side Effects Of Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd) You Never Knew About

bitter melon side effects

Bitter melon is a fruit which is bitter in taste and it has yellow covering flowers with lobed leaves. This fruit is likely to have shape similarly to cucumber and it has bumps on the surface. Basically the ingredients of this fruit can be used for various purposes but it does have some side effects that can be seen if it is over consumed. So, here are some of the side effects that can come up if you take Bitter melon in high quantity.

7 Side Effects of Bitter Melon

1. Miscarriage

Bitter melon is one of the nature’s fruit that is good for various reasons but can be a nightmare for pregnant women. It can increase the abortion effects as it encourages and increases mensuration flow.  This vegetable can affects the lactating women as well so it is advisable that they should not consume this while in the period of pregnancy.(1)

2. Heart Attack

Bitter melon is good for health but in later medical studies it is found as a fact that consuming more Bitter melon is dangerous for heart and causes blood clotting in one side of heart which can cause stroke and heart attack.(2)

3. Liver Damage

People do believe that consuming Bitter melons helps in reducing the diabetic problems. There are some studies in the medical world which gives the sure shot fact about Bitter melon that it affects your liver and cause you problems if it is consumed for the long period of time. It can cause the condition that is hardening of arteries which is called atherosclerosis.(3)

4. Lower’s Sugar level

Mostly people consume Bitter melon to reduce sugar levels. Diabetic person is advised to take Bitter melon as a safety measure to control blood sugar but if the person is already taking medication to control low blood sugar then it is better not to consume Bitter melon as it can mix with blood and can decrease sugar level to very low.(4)

5. Abdominal Pain

Bitter melon is good if it is taken in the right amount. This vegetable has the ability to heal many health problems but it does come up with side effects as well. If Bitter melon is taken too much then it may lead you to Diarrhea and abdomen pain so it is always advised to have it in right way.(5)

6. Not Advisable G6PD Deficient

Bitter melon does have the property of Favism inside the seeds. Favism is a medical condition which is caused by Fava bean and Bitter melon also circulates the same. If the person is already having the deficiency of G6PD then it is always recommended that please consult doctor before taking Bitter melon.

7. Diarrhea In Children

Most of the parents think that is completely normal to feed their child Bitter melon vegetable for growth as it is categorized in green vegetables. But the fact is the seeds of Bitter melon are covered with a red element which is toxic in nature and can cause Diarrhea or vomiting to your children.(6)

Bitter melon does have some advantages but also some serious side effects so it  is advisable that you should consume this vegetable after consulting your doctor only. If already consuming, one encounters these side effects, it is advised to seek immediate medical attention.

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