How to Make Castor Oil Packs for Fibroid Tumors?

castor oil packs for fibroids

We can define a castor oil pack which involves the use of a cloth that has been soaked in castor oil. This cloth should now be placed on the unbroken skin. The heated pad or the hot water bottle should be covered with plastic as it is via the skin that castor oil will be absorbed. It is a very important part of removing toxins asides from regulating inflammation. This amazing pack consists of strong analgesic property which helps in reducing the pain.

What Is Fibroid Tumors?

Fibroid’s is an abnormal growth that develop on a woman’s uterus. However, there are times when these tumors become huge. This is what causes heavy periods and abdominal pain. In the other cases, they cause no symptoms at all.

What are the Signs of Fibroid’s?

There are many women who have fibroid’s and still have little or no symptoms whereas the other women have more severe, disruptive symptoms. Below we have compiled a list of the most common symptoms for uterine fibroid’s:

  • Abnormal bleeding between menstrual periods
  • Frequent urination
  • Low back pain
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Prolonged or heavy menstrual periods

A firm mass which can at times be seen near the middle of the pelvis which in some cases can be felt by the physician. In some cases, the prolonged or heavy menstrual period can lead to iron-deficiency anemia, which also requires treatment.

Why Castor Oil Pack?

  • Castor oil packs are an ideal source for the lymphatic system.
  • They help in improving stagnation, circulation, asides from eliminating the benign tumors in women, especially those who suffer from ovarian cysts and uterine fibroid’s.
  • When you use the castor oil packs, it will enhance the lymphocytes cells in the body which can eliminate various wastes and fight disease including the toxins which can beleading to some of the common side effects of having fibroid tumors.

How to Make a Castor Oil Pack


  • A soft as well as a clean, thick material like wool, organic flannel, or cotton.
  • Castor oil
  • Glass bowl
  • Hot water bottle or heating pad
  • Large towel
  • Old clothes so that they don’t get stained
  • Plastic bag


  • Put on your old clothes.
  • Take the piece of flannel and place it in the bowl. Now pour enough castor oil over it to saturate.
  • Get your heating pad or hot water bottle ready.
  • The towel should be placed on a flat surface such as your floor, couch, and your bed. In order to provide extra protection, you can also place garbage bags as in this way your bed or couch is not stained from any oil which escapes the plastic cover.
  • On laying down you should keep the saturated flannel on the body part which has been affected.
  • Cover the pack with plastic.
  • Place the hot water bottle or heating pad over the pack. Now let it sit for some 45 – 60 minutes. When you are at it you can read a book or rest.
  • After 45- 60 minutes, remove the pack and clean the area with water as well as with some baking soda.


You should never use this castor oil pack under the following conditions:

  • Breast feeding
  • Dehydration
  • Diagnosed with any form of liver disease
  • If you’re pregnant
  • On broken skin
  • While on menstrual cycle
  1. Previously, castor oil has been mentioned to benefit the immune system through topical or oral application of the oil.
  2. If used properly the castor oil packs assists the person using it to improve various components of the immune system.
  3. A study has revealed that it enhances the lymphocytes which are the disease fighting cells in the immune system. Lymphocytes help our body in eliminating disease causing toxins apart from the body’s waste.
  4. Enhancing the functioning of the immune system via using castor oil packs and the ricinoleic acid in castor oil as it is said to contain anti-inflammatory properties is thought to shrink the tumors.
  5. It can also penetrate the skin so as to relax smooth muscle which can penetrate the lymph vessels and blood, the fallopian uterus, ovaries, tubes, gall bladder, bowels, liver, etc so as to correct any issues and improve performance.
  6. If placed on the skin to increase circulation and promote elimination apart from healing of the various organs and tissues that lie underneath the skin.
  7. You can use this pack many times to reduce inflammation, stimulate the liver, increase lymphatic circulation, relieve pain as well as improve digestion.
  8. These packs can also help to increase the efficiency of circulation in the pelvic region.

Wrapping It Up!

  • You don’t lose anything when you use castor oil packs if you are tormented by uterine fibroid’s.

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