15 Different Types of Fashion Belts for Women

15 Different Types of Fashion Belts for Women

Women’s belts come in various styles and serve different purposes. Let’s provide a concise overview of some of the most favored and functional types of belts for women.

15 Different Types of Fashion Belts for Women

1. Waist Belt

A classic choice that cinches at the waist, enhancing feminine silhouettes and complementing dresses and high-waisted pants for a timeless look.

2. Wide Belt

Offering a bold statement, wide belts add structure to flowing dresses and provide a dramatic accent to oversized outerwear.

3. Skinny Belt

Delicate and versatile, skinny belts accentuate the waist in a subtle manner, making them ideal for accessorizing with various outfits.

4. Obi Belt

Inspired by Japanese fashion, obi belts wrap around multiple times, creating an eye-catching focal point and adding an elegant touch to dresses and kimonos.

5. Braided Belt

These textured belts feature intertwined materials, adding a touch of bohemian flair to casual or summer outfits.

6. Chain Belt

A chic and edgy choice, chain belts are often worn at the hips, elevating jeans and skirts with a touch of glamour and attitude.

7. Elastic Belt

Known for their comfort, elastic belts provide flexibility and are perfect for achieving a snug fit without sacrificing style.

8. Corset Belt

Mimicking the look of a corset, these belts add a touch of Victorian elegance and create a striking hourglass shape when worn over dresses or blouses.

9. Studded Belt

Edgy and rebellious, studded belts enhance rocker or punk-inspired styles, adding a dose of attitude to jeans and leather jackets.

10. Sash Belt

Sash belts resemble long, flowing ribbons that tie around the waist, giving a touch of romance and bohemian charm to dresses and tunics.

11. Western Belt

Influenced by cowboy culture, these belts feature ornate buckles and tooled leather, adding a rustic, Western flair to jeans and cowgirl-inspired outfits.

12. Fabric Belt

Made from various textiles, fabric belts offer a wide range of colors and patterns to accessorize casual or summer ensembles.

A chain-link design creates a bold, urban look that pairs well with jeans, leather skirts, or dresses for a dose of contemporary style.

14. Grommet Belt

These belts feature metal grommets and are often associated with punk or grunge aesthetics, offering a unique and rebellious touch to outfits.

15. Ribbon Belt

Crafted from ribbons, these belts are charming and feminine, providing a dainty accent to dresses and blouses, often seen in preppy or vintage styles.


The world of women’s belts is a diverse and exciting one, offering an array of styles to suit every outfit and occasion. Whether you seek to cinch your waist elegantly, make a bold fashion statement, or add a touch of texture and personality to your attire, there’s a belt type for every taste. These belts not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to individual style, allowing women to express themselves and accentuate their outfits with flair. From classic and versatile options to edgy and unique choices, women’s belts are the perfect accessory to complete any look.

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