Top 12 Serious Side effects of Wearing Wrong Size Bra You Need To Know Before Shopping

effects of Wearing Wrong Size Bra

Wearing the correct bra size is extremely important. It must support your breasts perfectly. It is common among women to get drawn towards buying fancy bras, but you must buy it with caution, ensuring that it fits you properly and does not feel too tight. Here we will bring forth some of the common side effects of not wearing the correct sized bra and also its effect on your general health.

12 Side Effects of Wearing Wrong Size Bra

1. Breast Pain

This is a common side effect of wearing a bra that is a size smaller. The bra becomes very tightand presses itself on the breasts which causes breast pain and discomfort.(1)

2. Back Pain

This is a symptom common among women with large breast size who tend to wear bras of a smaller size. This causes lack of strut in the chest and the person tends to stoop. This leads to pain in the hip area if you are wearing a bra that is too tight and will affect your rib cage. Change your bra if you are wearing one that is a size small.(2)

3. Shoulder Pain

This is another symptom of wearing a smaller size bra. It causes shoulder pain. It also leaves a painful red mark on your shoulder. Sometimes even blisters form in that region. Wear a bra that fits you properly.(3)

4. Neck Pain

Sometimes you also get a lot of neck and shoulder pain if you are wearing the wrong sized bra. It becomes a persistent problem if you keep wearing it. Change your bra to avoid further complications.(4)

5. Sagging Breasts

The purpose of a good bra is to keep the breasts in good shape. If you are wearing a loose bra that does not happen to support your breasts properly then you must change it at once. Your breasts begin to sag and become very heavy.(5)

6. Blockage of Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes in the breasts are thin, extremely sensitive, and easily compressed. Wearing a smaller size bra leads to the closing of the lymph valves and vessels. If you are wearing a bra with a one size smaller cup, the lymph nodes are adversely affected.  Measure yourself carefully before buying the correct bra for yourself.(6)

7. RuinsPosture

A wrong size bra ruins your posture. You will feel intense pain in your neck shouldersand back if you are continuously wearing a wrong sized and a tighter bra. It will eventually ruin your posture.(7)

8. Skin Abrasions

If you are wearing a bra that is of a size small  then you tend to get blisters around the breasts and  shoulder straps. They become very painful as you continue wearing the same tight bra. Change your bra to relieve yourself of the pain.(8)

9. Breast Cancer

Be cautious if you are wearing a bra that is one size smaller. It obstructs the flow of blood which could lead to breast cancer. This not a very common side effect but off late a lot of women are facing this problem.(9)

10. Shortness of Breath

The quality of your breathing falls drastically if you are wearing the wrong sized bra. When it becomes too tight, it restricts the movement of your ribs. Your breathing becomes shallow and the oxygen intake decreases sharply. You will not notice this yourself as the body will try to compromise this lack of oxygen by recruiting the neck muscles for breathing. It will eventually lead to soreness of the neck muscles.

11. Tenderness

You need to wear the right bra when you are exercising. Even when you are indulging in minor movements, the breasts move for 8 cm. This causes tenderness in breasts. You need to support your breasts properly to save yourself from the pain.

12. Unnecessary Stretching of Breasts

The breasts are unnecessarily stretched while wearing a wrong sized bra thus leading to sagging of the breasts.

These are some of the common side effects that are associated with wearing the wrong sized bra. Wearing the correct bra is necessary for the good health of your breasts and it also makes you look good. One should prioritize comfort over anything else, hence we would suggest buying the right bra is a must.

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