10 Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Folic Acid

side effects of folic acid

Water soluble B Vitamin consists an element in it is which is called Floate that found easily in foods. Floate does have a synthetic form as well which is known as Folic acid and which is present in the supplements and foods. Folic acid is an important part of the body and every human is advised to take this element in the benefit amount as required by the body. Folic acid helps in generating DNA, RNA and red blood cells blocks so it is important for a person to take Folic acid properly through supplements or food.(1)

However, as it is said that excess of everything is harmful similarly with the benefits Folic acid contains comes the greater side effects also that causes many problems if this Folic acid is consumed in much higher amount.

10 Unexpected Side Effects of Folic Acid

1. Nausea

Nausea is the sensation or feeling in the person where an individual feels to vomit but this sensation does not lead to vomiting all the time. Although Nausea can occur as a symptom because of various medical reasons but excess consumption of Folic acid can also cause you Nausea as a side effect.(2)

2. Tightness in Chest

Tightness in the chest can be due to blood clots or heart problems but usually, Tightness in chest occurs because of Anxiety but it is not always that Anxiety is the main reason for this issue sometimes excess consumption of Folic acid can also cause the Tightness of Chest.(3)

3. Gas or Bloating

This condition can appear because of irritable bowel syndrome, excessive eating, untimely food habits or lactose intolerance but people take it falsely by making misconception that this symptom can be due to these reasons but they usually forget that excess amount of Folic acid can also cause this symptom to appear as a side effect.(4)

4. Fever

Fever is the most common medical symptom that occurs in every person due to viral infection or other medical conditions. This fluctuation of body temperature can become the symptom to those also who consume more amount of Folic acid.(5)

5. Zinc Deficiency

The excess consumption of Folic acid create some problems in the gut and this reduces the level of Zinc intake in the person.(6)

6. Shortness of Breath

Asthma, high BP, Obesity and Low Stamina these are the common reason which effects Breathing process of a person and become a prominent factor in shortness of breath. But usually, when a person is taking Folic acid he/she can also suffer from this problem as taking to much Folic acid can cause the side effect of having Shortness of Breath.

7. Skin Rash and Itching

Skin rash or itching is the common state of skin sensitive problem that occurs in the people of every age groups where its teens, youth or adults. Skin itching and rashes can occur due to air infection, viral fever or anything that your skin is not used to handle. Similarly, the Folic acid contains some elements which are not suitable for every person when taken in excess amount. So, when you take a bit regular and an excess amount of Folic acid be careful and look out for this side effect.

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8. Trouble sleeping

Sleeping disorders can occur in person due to many reasons but it can be a side effect of taking too much Folic acid. So whenever you feel Trouble while sleeping do not think its Anxiety or Depression because it is a chance that it can be a side effect of Folic acid

9. Cognitive Disturbances

Well, this medical symptom or side effect is rare as it appears only in those who have this with history conditions but yes while taking Folic acid if you experience Depression or Psychotic behavior then you must be overdoing it.

10. Hypersensitivity Reactions

It is common to have itching and rashes due to Folic acid overdose but if you find Lip swelling and skin developing Hives then it can be because of an overdose of Folic acid.

It is always necessary for a person to take elements in it otherwise it can cause various side effects in the matter of health so, individuals who tend to have Folic acid on daily basis should always look out for the dosage and do not overdose themselves to maintain their better health.

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