Can You Have Cinnamon While Pregnant?

Can You Have Cinnamon While Pregnant

Apart from a few expectations, eating anything in moderation is never harmful to the body, even if you are pregnant. However, pregnancy may come with a number of complications; therefore, seeking advice before eating anything new is a good idea.

Certain food items are not recommended during pregnancy, such as uncooked meat, raw eggs, etc., as the chances of them having bacteria are high. Luckily, cinnamon doesn’t fall in this category.

Eating cinnamon in moderation doesn’t have any adverse effects. In fact, it is beneficial for the body due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, the consumption of it in high amounts hasn’t been researched so far.

If you wonder can cinnamon cause miscarriage, there is no data to prove so.

Let’s find out what the safe limit is for cinnamon consumption.

Can You Have Cinnamon While Pregnant?

Cinnamon While Pregnant

Cinnamon is a flavoring agent. It is usually used as a spice in different foods and beverages to enhance their flavor. The sweet and savory taste of cinnamon makes it unique. Sprinkling a small amount of cinnamon is enough to bring deliciousness to your meals.

Besides bringing taste to the platter, cinnamon also offers health benefits. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help pregnant women cope with inflammation.

As long as you keep cinnamon consumption within limits, there is no harm in its consumption, and it will not cause miscarriage.

However, some people may experience the following symptoms after consuming cinnamon.
These are-

  • gastrointestinal problems
  • liver damage
  • mouth sores

There is no study, data, or research so far that can indicate that miscarriage is one of its adverse effects. Also, there are no official guidelines indicating a safe limit for cinnamon consumption- neither for pregnant nor for lactating women.

Since there is no data or official information regarding the cinnamon limit, sprinkling it as a spice or flavoring agent is enough.

Can I Take Cinnamon Supplements During Pregnancy?

cinnamon supplements during pregnancy

Supplements of cinnamon are recommended for people with heart disease. It is believed that its intake keeps the blood pressure in control, reduces LDL cholesterol, and maintains proper blood circulation.

However, since there is no research done so far talking about the benefits of cinnamon in pregnancy, there is no need to take its supplements. Also, no safe limit or safe daily dose of cinnamon has been established yet.

Stick to meals, cookies, baked products, and other food items that use a small amount of cinnamon.

Benefits Of Cinnamon During Pregnancy

Now that we know cinnamon doesn’t cause miscarriage let’s find out how it can benefit pregnant women.

Reduces The Risks Of Catching An Infection

Cinnamon offers antioxidants to the body, such as polyphenols. It fights off the free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

Pregnancy takes a toll on your body, making it prone to infections and diseases. Taking cinnamon in moderation can boost the immune system and thus protect pregnant women from common colds, allergies, and bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

Reduces Inflammation

Pregnant women often feel tired and exhausted. It is not just because of hormonal changes in the body but physical stress, too. At the same time, they gain weight, putting strain on their legs and joints.

Since cinnamon offers anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces inflammation in the body. Thus, it helps to relieve joint pain and muscle aches.

Reduces Blood Pressure

High blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to complications such as preeclampsia. It can cause preterm delivery and pose a risk to fetal and maternal health. Therefore, it is mandatory to maintain blood pressure within the range to maintain healthy pregnancy till delivery.

Cinnamon is reported to reduce blood pressure and thus can benefit pregnant women considerably. However, taking it in moderation is the way to stay safe.

Regulate Insulin

Gestational diabetes is one of the common complications in pregnancy that affects women, irrespective of their age. It happens when the body is not able to produce enough insulin during pregnancy, increasing the blood sugar.

Cinnamon contains polyphenols that regulate the level of blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. As a result, the body uses glucose more effectively.

Are There Side Effects Of Cinnamon In Pregnancy?

As the major concern can cinnamon cause miscarriage is ruled out, here are a few side-effects that some women may experience after its consumption-

  • allergic reaction
  • itching in mouth or tongue
  • skin rashes
  • difficulty in breathing
  • indigestion
  • heartburn

Besides these, cinnamon has also been reported to lower the platelet count. So, if your gynecologist has prescribed a blood thinner like a low-dose aspirin in pregnancy, avoid cinnamon consumption as it may increase the chances of heavy bleeding during delivery, especially if you have a cesarean section.


Now that we know there is no proven study or research that suggests cinnamon can cause miscarriage, it is safe to consume. However, taking it in moderation is the key.

Often, consuming too much may cause side effects like heartburn and allergic reactions that can cause more irritation during pregnancy.

Sprinkle a little amount over your food and beverages to make them flavourful and treat your taste buds.

Even though there is no research on its potential harm to the fetus, the health benefits are tremendous. So, including a small amount of it in your daily routine will not harm you.

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