How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely?

how to gain weight

Just as being overweight causes a lot of health issues, so does being underweight. Some health issues that appear in underweight people include delays in development, infertility, weak immune system, osteoporosis, and higher risk during surgery. So they need to consider increasing their weight safely and in a healthy way.

Ways That Can Enhance Weight Quickly and Safely:

Incorporate these Food Habits into Your Diet to Experience Weight Gain Safely:

1. Increase in Calorie Consumption:

Weight gain occurs when the calories consumed are more than those burnt. An additional calorie of 3550 is needed for increasing a pound of body weight. So adding just 500 extra calories a day can easily help you gain weight.
The metabolic rate of every person is different. Those having a fast metabolism will find it difficult to gain weight. So based on the type of your body, try to add healthy calories to your diet.

2. Including Fruits and Veggies in Diet:

These are very important to make sure that the body gets all the essential vitamins and minerals. A simple way is to take some dates, raisins, black beans, and bananas every day. Also include seasonal fruits.

3. Take Food that is Energy-Dense:

Examples of energy-dense food include nuts. dry fruits, avocado. olive oil. You can consume some amount of such foods every day to witness weight gain. If you like baked goods, those can also be taken in moderation. But limit too much sugar and other packaged food that can lead to the risk of heart problems.

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4. Taking Beverages:

This includes smoothies and unsweetened protein shakes which are packed with protein and have a good amount of calories too. To make these beverages more nutritious, you can add some chia seeds, fruits, yogurt, peanut butter, or whole milk.

5. Increasing Protein Intake and Doing Strength Training:

You can have a protein shake after a workout. Besides these lentils, eggs, nuts, salmon are also some natural sources of protein that can be incorporated into the diet. Do strength training so that the extra calories will be used for muscle built-up instead of being stored as fat. Make sure to drink enough water as protein consumption can result in dehydration.

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6. Include Healthy Fats:

Fats are a good calorie source but they are of different types. Check for the good fats, i.e the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat which are often found in avocado, salmon, walnut, safflower oil, olive oil. Eggs and unprocessed cheese are also good sources. It is important to avoid trans fat as it leads to heart problems.

7. Sleep Well:

This is most important for muscle growth and maintains the normal balance in the body, ensuring a healthy state. So besides the above, make sure to get proper sleep at night for 7-8 hrs.

8. Quit Smoking:

This can help in the process of weight gain besides keeping your lungs safe.

The key to gain weight healthily is to eat nutrient-rich food and do the right weight training. Since the health of every person varies, it is important to create a personalized diet chart instead of simply following what others are following. If needed, you can also consult a dietician to help you in the process because there are chances that some underlying health issues are the reasons why you are not gaining weight, so the treatment can be done accordingly.

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