How to Redeem Dime Beauty Rewards

how to redeem dime beauty rewards

Dime Beauty isn’t just about clean, effective skincare – it’s about rewarding you for taking care of yourself! Their loyalty program, DIME Rewards, lets you earn points on every purchase and redeem them for amazing perks like discounts, free shipping, and exclusive access. Here’s your guide to unlocking the full potential of your DIME Rewards:

How to Redeem Dime Beauty Rewards

How it Works

  1. Sign Up: Get a head start with 100 bonus points just for creating an account!
  2. Earn Points: Every dollar you spend on Dime Beauty products earns you 1 point.
  3. Engage: Follow Dime Beauty on social media, leave reviews, and download their app to rack up extra points.
  4. Redeem Points: Use your points to unlock exclusive discounts at checkout:
  • 100 points = $5 off
  • 200 points = $10 off
  • 300 points = $15 off
  • 400 points = $20 off

Dime Rewards Tiers

DIME Rewards offers three tiers, each with its own set of benefits:

  • Super (FREE): 100 points for joining, free shipping on $50, birthday points, and access to the points store.
  • Elite ($350/YR): 200 points for joining, 1.25x point multiplier, early access to sales and launches, and a free gift.
  • Gold ($750/YR): 300 points for joining, 1.5x point multiplier, early access, free gift, and more birthday points.
  • Invite Only (Exclusive): Unparalleled rewards and premium status for the most dedicated Dime Beauty fans.

15 Ways to Earn Points

From signing up for texts to leaving reviews on social media, there are countless ways to rack up points.

  • Make a purchase (1 point per $1)
  • Sign up for texts (100 points)
  • Create an account (100 points)
  • Make 3 purchases (75 points)
  • Download the app (75 points)
  • Add video to a review (75 points)
  • Add photo to a review (50 points)
  • Leave a review (25 points)
  • Follow on social media (10 points each for TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook)
  • Tweet about them (5 points)
  • Subscribe to YouTube (5 points)
  • Like them on Facebook (5 points)
  • Birthday bonus (100 points)

Ready to start glowing and saving? Head to to sign up and unlock your DIME Rewards journey. Remember, the more you shop, the more you earn, and the closer you get to those exclusive perks!

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for special bonus point events and promotions to boost your rewards even faster.

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