25+ Amazing Travel Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Wanderlust

Travel Tattoo Ideas

For every wanderlust, we have come up with 25+ travel tattoos that encapsulate the spirit of exploration and the beauty of voyages. Whether it’s a backpacking adventure, a spiritual pilgrimage, or a road trip, every travel has a story to tell, and these tattoos perfectly depict them. From iconic landmarks to symbols rich in meaning, here you will find a wide array of bewildering travel tattoos. Check them out!

25+ Best Travel Tattoos for Wanderlust 

1. Small Plane Wandering Around the Earth Tattoo

Small Plane Wandering Around the Earth Tattoo

For every backpacker who wants to travel around the world and explore new places, this small plane tattoo on the waist is the perfect piece. In this design, the tattoo artist has created a small map of the world and then inked a plane revolving around it in a circle. It perfectly depicts how travel seekers want to explore the untouched with all their zeal and enthusiasm. 

2. Geometric Compass and Plane Tattoo

Geometric Compass and Plane Tattoo

Both the motifs in this tattoo, an airplane, and a compass, are the symbols of travel. Being an avid traveler, you need to have a compass and know how to study and move according to it to reach your destination. Likewise, an airplane flying towards the wrist brings so much grace to this entire travel tattoo. 

3. Adventure Tattoo on Shoulder 

Adventure Tattoo on Shoulder

Who doesn’t love some amazing road trips on a great vehicle? This travel tattoo depicts a vehicle with extended tires, showcasing the love for road trips by car. The perfection with which the vehicle is drawn on the arm, near the shoulder, speaks a lot about this comfortable ride. It is a great travel tattoo option for those who love road trips more. 

4. Scar Coverup Tattoo on the Wrist

Scar Coverup Tattoo on the Wrist

This stunning sunset view on the wrist is enough to captivate anyone. The burst of vibrant colors in this body art to create visuals of sunset near the beach talks all about it. From the blue sea to the green coconut or palm tree, along with an orange sunset bring all the grace and charm to this travel tattoo. 

5. Aeroplane Tattoo on the Waist

Aeroplane Tattoo on the Waist

This super amazing motif of a little airplane on the waist is perfect for every woman traveler. Here, the tattoo artist has given stunning illustrations inside the airplane’s body that make it more alluring. At the same time, the use of shades of black and grey has brought it more towards reality. 

6. Path to Unknown Tattoo

Path to Unknown Tattoo

This one of the masterpieces when it comes to travel tattoo and you need a super specialized and experienced tattoo artist to get it. This drawing of an unknown path leading to nowhere is a magnum opus. The artist has first created a circle and then inked some stones of different sizes, a path, some grass and a big tree. Everything in this tattoo looks superb as is one of the best works of the tattoo artist.  

7. The Moon, Ocean, and Mountain Tattoo

The Moon, Ocean, and Mountain Tattoo

If you are a traveller and seeking some minimalistic travel tattoo design, this could be the right choice. Here, the tattoo artist has drawn the illustrations of a moon, ocean and some mountains that has given elegance to it. Additionally, a few dots in the front and rear end, as well as in the middle, make it more interesting. 

8. Nature Adventure Tattoo

Nature Adventure Tattoo

For every avid traveler, this is another masterpiece that they can get inked on their body. From mountains and rivers to trees and birds, this travel tattoo is the epitome of nature’s wonder. Here, the tattoo artist has also created a small illustration of camping with a bonfire. Everything in this tattoo is about wanderlust trekkers who love to explore the woods. 

9. Planet and Moon Tattoo

Planet and Moon Tattoo

It is another minimalistic travel tattoo made using fine lines and some stroke work. In this art, the tattoo artist has created a small crescent moon around which a little planet can be seen revolving. Some waves below give an effect of water that makes this entire body art look unique and one of a kind. 

10. Coordinate Tattoo

Coordinate Tattoo

Every traveller has a fond memory of a place he has travelled that gets imprinted in the heart forever. If you have such a place in mind, getting its coordinate imprinted on the arm shows your love towards the place and how much you adore it. It is a perfect travel tattoo that depicts the love and fondness of a place in a traveler’s heart. 

11. Mountain with a Flying Plane Tattoo

Mountain with a Flying Plane Tattoo

Showing your love for travel, this traveling tattoo wherein an airplane is flying over the mountains looks amazing. In this body art, the tattoo artist has created a few ranges of mountains using thick and thin lines. Moving zigzags give an impression of mountains over which an airplane can be seen flying and soaring high. 

12. Boat Tattoo

Boat Tattoo

For every sailor, this little boat tattoo on the wrist is the perfect choice. In this design, a small boat is inked sailing over the waves of an ocean. The shades of black are used to create it, wherein the boat’s flag is slightly gray, and the lower part is dark black. This tattoo is perfect for adventure seekers, travelers and sailors. 

13. Small Airplane Collarbone Tattoo

Small Airplane Collarbone Tattoo

If you don’t want anything intricate but keeping your tattoo small and elegant while giving it a touch of travel, this small airplane on the collarbone is the best bet. Here, the tattoo artist used colors to create the smoke line plane that ended with a little heart. At the same time, the plane is also tiny, giving the illusion of flying too far. 

14. Fine Line Travel Tattoo

Fine Line Travel Tattoo

The design of a paper airplane flying across the wrist following a dotted pattern makes it a perfect piece for travel enthusiasts. A dark black plane is also drawn around the wrist from which the paper plane seems to be coming out. It perfectly symbolizes the love for traveling and flying high in the sky. 

15. Minimalist Travel Tattoo

Minimalist Travel Tattoo

This little heart on the shoulder, along with the sun and a little airplane, makes this small and pretty travel tattoo one of the best. It is made using fine lines and is completely devoid of any complex pattern. Small, simple, and elegant, this tiny plane, sun, and heart tattoo clearly depicts your love for traveling. 

16. Travel Compass Tattoo Design 

Travel Compass Tattoo Design

One of the essential necessities of traveling is that the compass in this tattoo is drawn so beautifully that you would love to get it inked on your body. Showing the different directions, this compass evidently shows the love of a traveler for exploring the different parts of the world and experiencing the unknown. 

17. Travel Bug Tattoo

Travel Bug Tattoo

One of the most stunning travel tattoos, it has everything that a traveller seeks for- from a compass to the stamps. At the same time, it has written ‘wanderlust’ on the wrist, which easily denotes what this tattoo is all about. You can also see a date inked on the stamp that can be customized according to your personal date. 

18. Amazing Air Balloon Tattoo

Amazing Air Balloon Tattoo

This is a colorful travel tattoo with a big air balloon drawn using fine lines and some strokes of red ink. From the big oval shape of the balloon to the ropes hanging from it- all makes this tattoo different from every other travel art. 

19. Motor Cycle Tattoo

Motor Cycle Tattoo

If you love traveling and exploring new places with your bike, this motorcycle tattoo will be perfect for you. Here, a man can be seen sitting on his bike with a leg on the ground. You can customize this tattoo if you want to ink your own bike in place of this one. Likewise, you can also get yourself tattooed riding the bike if you have an expert tattoo artist.  

20. Travel Bus Tattoo

Travel Bus Tattoo

It is another appealing travel tattoo where you can see a little travel bus inside a rectangle drawn beautifully on the arm of a man. It can be a recreational vehicle through which the traveler explores new places. The road, bus, and the mountains, everything in this tattoo talks about a travel story. 

More Travel Tattoo Designs

21. Halfdome Travel Tattoo Design

Halfdome Travel Tattoo Design

22. Fine Line Wonderlust Tattoo Design

Fine Line Wonderlust Tattoo Design

23. Fine Line Spaceship Tattoo Design

Fine Line Spaceship Tattoo Design

24. Abstract Travel Tattoo Design

Abstract Travel Tattoo Design

25. Coordinate Tattoo Design on Back Arm

Coordinate Tattoo Design on Back Arm

26. Incredible Travel Tattoo

Incredible Travel Tattoo

27. Traveler Lizard for Liz Tattoo Design

Traveler Lizard for Liz Tattoo Design

28. Travel Van Couple Tattoo Design

Travel Van Couple Tattoo Design


In this article, each tattoo serves as a testament to the diversity of human experience and the universal desire to seek out new horizons. From airplanes and boats to cars and bikes, in this collection of 20 travel tattoos, you must have found the one that matches your vibes. So, what are you waiting for? Get it inked and show this passionate love for travel to the world.

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