6 Effective Ways to Use Green Tea for Skin Care


Green tea makes wonders in moisturizing your skin and protects from UV rays further soothing your dry skin.

Soothes Dry Skin

The major nutrients in green tea clear out the surplus greasiness from your skin.

Works Well on Greasy Skin

Green tea plays a vital role in keeping your skin forever young as it contains vitamin B12 thus making your skin appear youthful.

Get rid of Age-Defying

Green tea containing vitamin K helps to diffuse dark circles and shrinks the puffiness.

Treating Puffy Eyes

Green tea battles against the acne-causing bacteria and lessens the redness and inflammations.

Reducing Acne & Pimples

Green tea makes wonders in dealing with oily skin issues. Blackheads and pores show up on your face as a result of too much secretion of oil in your face.

Get Away from Oily Face

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