Essential oils for Healthy Skin and Hair


The 7 Best

What are Essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids that contain volatile compounds from plants with a wide range of benefits for skin and hair.

What can they do to our body?

Essential oils are known to have healing properties and are effective against skin and hair problems. Read on to know more about it.

Tea Tree oil

Antibacterial & antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil can help unblock hair follicles and increase hair growth.


Rosemary oil

Astringent properties of rosemary essential oil helps with wrinkles and under-eye bags as well as conditions damaged skin and lighten scars.


Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil increases blood circulation in the scalp and this can help promote hair growth.


lavender oil

Anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil has the potential to reduce skin irritation, skin discoloration and restore the natural skin tone.


Lemon oil

Lemon oil has properties can prevent the reactions of free radicals that cause signs of aging.


rosehip oil

Antioxidants and essential fatty acids in rosehip oil can help in cell regeneration and elimination of fine lines and crow's feet.


ylang ylang oil

The antioxidants in ylang ylang oil stimulate skin renewal by restoring the skin lipids and proteins.


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