Best Hair oils to Treat Baldness Naturally


Rosemary oil is the top best choice as it improves hair thickness and hair growth. One of the good aspects is its ability of faster cellular generation witches helps hair to grow even quicker.

Rosemary oil

Thyme oil is meant for its super strong acting property among other oils. Even two drops of thyme oil is enough for the scalp as the outcome is for sure.

Thyme oil

Lavender oil is known for its medicinal values as it is said to be rich in antibacterial and antimicrobial activity. So the scalp’s health can be improved to speed up the hair growth.

Lavender oil

Cedarwood oil presents the best property which opens oil producing glands , so that it stimulates better healthy hair growth. It also has anti fungal and anti bacterial activity which contributes in treatment of dandruff and hair loss.

Cedarwood oil

Sweet Basil oil helps in growth of hair follicles which unplugs and makes hair Stronger hair strands. It significantly reduces dandruff in hair after one week.

Sweet Basil oil

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