Castor oil & Coconut oil for Thicker Eyebrows

By manasa

Castor oil is good source of ricinoleic acid that reduces the loss of eyebrow hair. It also promotes re-growth of hair.

¼ tsp Castor Oil

Coconut oil is rich source of nutrients and nourish the follicles to ensure good growth of hair follicles.

½ tsp Virgin Coconut Oil


Mix the two oils. Dip a clean finger or a cotton swab in the oil. Gently spread the oil over your eyebrow in the direction of the hair growth. Leave on overnight and gently wipe off any excess in the morning before washing your face.

Best Time To Apply

You can use this mixture every day before going to bed would be the best time.

How it Works?

It nourishes each and every hair stand of the eyebrows and this helps in growing faster by stimulating the production of sebum.

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