Hair Coloring Tips for a Sensitive Scalp


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If you want to do hair color on your sensitive scalp, you should do a patch test. If you feel any burning, itching, or redness, better to avoid it.

Patch Test

Before going to apply hair color, do some research about which hair color is suitable for your sensitive scalp and have a look at ammonia-free, peroxide-free, and PPD-free hair color dye.

Hair Color For The Sensitive Scalp

You need to hydrate your hair before hair coloring treatment, and this will prevent severe scalp damage. The natural oil on your scalp provides a protective layer against harmful chemicals.

Don’t Strip The Scalp Of Its Natural Oils

You have to ensure that there are using the correct tools for hair coloring and if you experience any itching or burning sensation while hair coloring, you inform them immediately and don’t sit idly.

Do A Hair Colorist Consultation

Video: Pexels

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Hair Color Tips For Sensitive Scalp?