How To Care For Your Hair After Hair Extensions?


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Basically, the idea is to protect hair from harmful UV rays. Even if you wear a scarf or cap, apply gentle products that safeguard hair from UV rays.

Use Hair Sunscreen

Vitamin E will increase the growth of capillary, black-currant seed oil will stimulate hair growth, making them grow fuller, shinier, and free of split-ends.

Take Hair Supplement

Since detangling needs to be avoided as much as possible, therefore it is suggested to use pillowcases that are made with soft fabric like silk or satin.

Use Silk Pillowcase

Include beans, lentils, and food loaded with protein, iron, zinc, and biotin that make the hair healthier by providing nourishment to the hair follicles.

Take a Protein-Rich Diet

If you are experiencing traction alopecia after hair extensions, it’s time to reach your dermatologist. They can provide a suitable plan to manage your hair condition.

Book an Appointment with a Dermatologist

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