How To Shower With Eyelash Extensions?


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Avoid aiming the showerhead at your lashes. Likewise, do not use high-pressure showers and jets.

Do Not Apply Water Pressure

Staying in a shower with steam for a long duration can easily weaken the adhesions and bonds between your natural lashes and extensions.

Avoid Steamy Showers

Rubbing and scrubbing the eyes is a big NO as it is dangerous when you wear fake lashes.

Do Not Rub and Scrub Your Eyes

Using goggles only if you shower for the first 24 hours is recommended. Wearing it in every showering session is a misconception.

Avoid Using Goggle

Brush your lashes with an eyelash brush to prevent them from tangling. Use gentle and soft hands to brush the lashes to prevent the adhesive from weakening.

Clean Your Lashes Thoroughly

Video: Pexels

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How To Shower With Eyelash Extensions?