Here's How to Take Care of Curly Hair


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Use a conditioning oil or condition for pre-shampoo and then apply it on your dry hair. It will prevent unnecessary damage and roughness during the process of shampooing, particularly is the hair is snarled or tangled.

Go For The Pre-Shampoo Treatment

You do not have to shampoo curly as frequently you shampoo straight hair. If you shampoo often, it will stress and stretch fragile hair strands and also dry the thirsty curls.

Avoid Daily Shampoos

Make sure that you use a mild shampoo and a cleansing conditioner that has low-lather and will refresh the scalp and hair without stripping it off the natural oil and moisture.

Choose Shampoo Wisely

Apply shampoo to that one section and then wash it thoroughly. Do this with the other section. Make sure that you rinse the hair section by section.

Section The Hair to Wash Tangle-Free

Cold water shampooing or rinsing might not give a luxurious hair wash experience. However, it can shut the cuticle. This, in turn, will lock the moisture. 

Avoid Using Hot Water

After you shampoo, you need to apply a conditioner. In case your hair is dry, you should go for the one that has humectants such as glycerin or glycol.

Use Good Hair Conditioner Often

You need to comb with care and use snag-free and seamless combs. It is important that you invest in the best quality comb. Make sure that you do not rake or pull while combing.

Comb Correctly

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How to Take Care of Curly Hair – Best Tips and Tricks

Video Credit: Pexels