How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

By pravallika

Why Avoid Heat for Straightening Hair?

To prevent your hair from getting dry, rough and weak through frequently using heating tools on hair.

Follow Tips for Hair Straightening

The tips shown next must be followed without fail to get straight hair

Hair Straightening Rollers

Use large hair straightening rollers and leave it overnight for straight hair.

Use Your Towels to Dry

Dry your hair using soft towels that absorb moisture well to achieve results.

Apply a Leave-in Conditioner

Conditioner containing aloe vera or coconut oil can make your hair straight but making it detangled and moisturized.

Hair Dryer With Cool Air

Use a hair dryer with cool air flow setting to dry your hair and comb while doing so to get straight hair

Hot oil Therapy

Apply some warm coconut oil on your hair and leave it for an hour before shower to get a straight hair.

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