Powerful Yoga Poses to Tone and Lift Up Your Saggy Breasts



It is an angular standing yoga pose with both the upper and lower bodies forming a right angle. Dwikonasana stretches the breast and chest muscles, therefore, tightening them.


Trikonasana is a standing yoga style that requires flexibility, balance and strength. Trikonasana stretches the back and thoracic muscles, therefore, boosting the blood flow.

Warrior Pose

It’s a stylistic standing yoga that involves various variations of the body. It builds elasticity and strength of the thorax.


Kumbhakasana is balancing yoga pose that relies on the arms for support. Strengthen the arms and shoulders. It opens the chest.

Bow Pose

It’s a back bending pose that stretches the whole body. The continuous contractions of the breasts nerves help in shaping them.

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5 Best Yoga Poses to Tighten Sagging Breasts